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    Help with Led Zeppelin Trivia!

    Hi everybody I'm thinking of auditioning as a contestant for a quiz TV show answering questions on Led Zeppelin. Now my area of trivia expertise is actually The Beatles, however not long ago they had a show dedicated to people answering Beatles trivia questions, so I'll have to pick another topic, so I'm thinking of Led Zeppelin. So what I'd like people to do is post a trivia question about Led Zeppelin, and I'll answer it without researching it and we'll see how I go *fingerscrossed* Thanks
  2. During the Elizabethan period, there wasn't an awful lot of respect for the English language. French and Latin were the preferred choices of artists, poets, academics and clergy; they were the high-brow languages. English at that time had a limited vocabulary. But towards the end of the 16th Century, with the flourishing of Elizabethan Theatre, Shakespeare and his contemporaries worked solidly in English, expanding the language's artistry, respectability and vocabulary, and after that point, English greatly expanded. Shakespeare himself was credited with inventing 600 new English words. So English kept growing... So why do I crap on about this? Well once upon a time, maybe 150 years ago, English had a plethora of words, a great vocabulary with which to express a myriad of meanings, emotions, nuances, subtle descriptions... The grammatical structure of the language was flexible enough to lend itself to highly stylised poetry. We had a language one could work with. Nowdays, however, English is lazy. 'Big words' have become 'boring words' as everybody now seems to express themselves in written English using the least number of words and letters as possible. Our written vocabulary is shrinking too, as journalists and writers perfer to use more common, easily-understood language for fear of writing something the masses won't understand, and, even worse, be put off from buying... And this is what I just don't understand... Never before have we lived in a time when everybody is told just how important education is. Nearly everybody these days finishes school at Grade 12 (I don't know what Americans call it, Senior year?) and most people go on to University. Even 40 years ago most people only did 10 years of schooling and no University. However they did an experiment last year where they demonstrated that the majority of school students in 2007 could not pass the High School Certificate Exams for Grade 10 students in 1957... So if more people are going to school/University for longer, why does everything seem to be getting dumber?
  3. I'm interested to know what people believe exists and what doesn't exist, so please answer as honestly as you can, or feel free to discuss what you believe, and hopefully we can build some statistics on what people believe or don't believe, and maybe profile that, ooh Research, it's just so fun
  4. Gainsbarre

    John Edwards has a fever

    No I'm not kidding And as I'm neither Republican nor Democrat nor American, I can watch with a more objective eye And I can tell you that Fox news borders on shamefull, that no other news channel comes close to its level of bias. Not in reporting the news, but in the copious amounts of commentary and opinion that they have on afterwards... It's almost theatre it's that bad Most of you complaining about the news are conservatives or republicans, and what I find hilarious is that you criticise the media simply because it isn't sympathetic to your viewpoint or ideology... Now if the media were so biased, how is it that Clinton suffered such terrible, scrutinized coverage during Monica Lewinsky, and yet Bush's blunders have only really been tackled by late-night comedy show hosts? If the American media is so liberally biased, how come they all shut down any discussion during the opening of the Iraq War? Not a bad word was said about anyone or anything in that month...
  5. Gainsbarre


    The Freemasons are, these days, nothing more than a Gentleman's club for social climbing men who are into networking... That's all. My Brother is one of them, his father-in-law got him into it, and his friends. One of the initiation ceremonies is you have to walk along the carpet while 2 other members of the Masons, who are dressed up in Byzantine regalia, ask you for the name or the secret password or whatever it is, and they ask you 3 times, but you're not allowed to tell them, then they whack you over the head with a big glittery thing and you collapse to the ground pretending to be dead, and then that's that, round 1 of the Freemasons' initiation...
  6. Gainsbarre

    Spats' Loveblahblahblah Thread

    No I'm happy enough with the friends I've already got. They're pretty weird but alright. I know thousands of people, I have a lot of acquaintances but they're acquaintances because i'd just get too bored if I saw them all the time. Don't get me wrong, like if you knew me I'd give you a great 20 minutes of conversation, but outside of that 20 minutes you'd find me incredibly boring, because I am after 20 minutes, but that's okay because I'll go after that 20 minutes because you'd be thoroughly bored of me and I would be of you, so there's no point in inflicting it upon each other
  7. Gainsbarre

    John Edwards has a fever

    Again we hear about this so-called 'liberal bias' in the news which I think is bullshit, first and foremost because America's most-watched news channel is Fox news, and we all know that channel isn't liberal biased. Now you're claiming the war in Iraq has been 'won' and because it's not reported in the news, that it must be some sort of anti-Americanism...maybe the problem is you are too pro-republican? And maybe you're upset because the news doesn't reflect your viewpoint? And why would McCain be ahead if he received more media coverage? Are you telling me that media coverage instantly makes a political candidate more popular? George W Bush has had a shitload of media coverage...it hasn't improved his standing... But then as far as your bias is concerned, you think McCain is the better candidate, and Bush was the better president Your bias is just as strong as what you claim the media's is, so it's not bias you're upset about, it's the fact that you feel the media isn't on your side of the fence And you know car bombs used to go off all the time in Algeria in the 90's, killing hundreds of people, but America media didn't give a crap about it because it didn't involve Americans. If America wasn't in Iraq, a car bomb in Baghdad would be burried in the newspaper with the Russian war, it's always been that way and it always will be that way.
  8. Gainsbarre

    John Edwards has a fever

    Only for so long though. Moral anarchy only exists for so long before things are knocked back into some sort of order. Necessity always wins over morality.
  9. Gainsbarre

    Spats' Loveblahblahblah Thread

    wow, you got it made!
  10. Gainsbarre

    To everyone with a brain

    I went for number 1 because Robert's head suits Paul's body
  11. Gainsbarre


  12. Gainsbarre

    John Edwards has a fever

    A moral compass is all well and good, however I find that society's 'magnetic north' is often more ludicrous than the morality that society seeks to piss all over
  13. Gainsbarre


    the NFL these days can be summed up in 3 words: spectacle, testicles and tits
  14. Gainsbarre

    Spats' Loveblahblahblah Thread

    I hate to break it to you, but most people are boring
  15. Gainsbarre

    John Edwards has a fever

    Is Kenny still doing a heck of a job?
  16. Gainsbarre

    Bernie Mac dead at 50

    I know Bernie Mac, I just wish I knew what he did...
  17. Gainsbarre

    Spats' Loveblahblahblah Thread

    Really? I think a movie is a perfect first date option, that way you haven't got to worry about the awkward times when the conversation dries up, and then making yourself look like an idiot by trying to keep the conversation going...And then both having seen the movie, if necessary, it can be used as a conversation-saver on the way back home
  18. Gainsbarre

    Song Name Game

    The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
  19. Gainsbarre

    The cars of zeppelin

    Did Jimmy ever drive?
  20. Gainsbarre

    John Edwards has a fever

    I wouldn't give his troubles to a monkey on a rock...
  21. Gainsbarre

    John Edwards has a fever

    Oh yeah, it's not news, but you know what newspapers are like, they print nothing but sleaze then tut tut everyone for not being 'moral' enough
  22. Gainsbarre

    Is now the time for Jimmy to write his autobiography?

    would he talk about all the rude stuff though?
  23. Gainsbarre

    Song Name Game

    24 hours from Tulsa
  24. Gainsbarre

    Word association

    orange taffeta
  25. Gainsbarre

    Music: A-Z Game... II

    the Candy Man Can