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  1. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
  2. Well the photo was at 10am, they didn't go back to the studio until the afternoon. In the interim John and Paul went back to Paul's house, Ringo went shopping and George went to the London Zoo
  3. "say it in Broken English..." Marianne Faithfull
  4. And I Love Him So - Shirley Bassey
  5. Actually I've noticed how people never take photos at funerals (unless they're for somebody famous or important). It almost seems like bad taste to take photos at a funeral, which I guess goes along with the theory that we only want to remember the good times. But death is as important as being born. In fact they're the two most important events in your life and we take photos of neither of them... On a side note, last week was rather interesting for me because by pure coincidence I saw two people die in the street. One guy I saw bleed to death on a busy city street (he did have emergency people with him) and then three days later, around the corner from my house, a woman died on the footpath. I never realised how long they leave the body just lying there, covered in a white sheet. 8 years ago my grandfather died while I was talking to him. It's an incredibly distinctive change that you see when they die. There's no way, i think, you could fake being dead, because the body takes on a look that is markedly different from when you're alive. It's very difficult to explain. I tell you an unusual coincidence: my family had been friends with this woman for many years, we used to play at her house when we were kids. She had a huge tree in her back yard that was a horrible old tree that was always sick and rotting. The leaves were always brown and mottled. Her daughter wanted it cut down. But it stayed. Anyway this woman died a few years ago of cancer, and she was cremated and her ashes were buried in her front garden. Then about 3 days after her death, the big tree in the back yard suddenly blossomed with hundreds of white flowers. Everyone was stunned, because no one even knew that it was a flowering tree. She had lived in that house for 30 years, and her children, my family, her neighbours had never once seen that tree in bloom. For 30 years everyone thought it was a rotting tree. And it bloomed for a week, and it has never bloomed again, and that was 5 years ago. Whether or not it has anything to do with her death is debatable, but I thought it was an extremely unusual coincidence
  6. The funny thing about that video is that Bonzo features more time than Linda McCartney...but not as many times as Paul...
  7. I really can't stand Neil Diamond. I don't think there's a single song of his I can tolerate. I mean with people like Billy Joel or Cliff Richard, you go 'yeah there's a couple of songs that are alright' but with Neil Diamond, it's all shit to me
  8. Actually, I confess there was one Celine Dion song I did like, and that was 'Only One Road' back in 1995, because when I was 16, I could sing that song as high as her, since then my voice has come down a few notes, age and smoking the culprits. When I was 13, I used to be able to sing exactly like Karen Carpenter
  9. Actually I remember reading a music critic who was writing about Billy Joel saying that Billy has a tendency to copy other people's piano-playing style, and the two examples he gave were 'Just The Way You Are' sounds like Elton, and 'My Life' sounds like Paul McCartney
  10. Yeah I don't blame you, it's a scary photo isn't it?

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