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  1. Try catch the hotel where he stays. There´s only few where he might stay during his stay. Hotel Kämp is almost opposite of Savoy theater, across the Esplanadi (main boulevard in Helsinki) and it´s the best one in Helsinki.
  2. It might get going down, like this http://www.straitstimes.com/news/asia/east-asia/story/china-lawmaker-sought-the-authorities-after-basement-construction-creates-
  3. Where´s half of HMMT? Even though every song is shortened few minutes or seconds, but HMMT half of it? Is it because capacity of disc format?
  4. Aspensound

    Robert's Hair

    GQ: After all these years, how on earth have you managed to keep your hair like that? Robert Plant: Well, I don't know. We could be quite serious about it. I just have been very lucky. My mother was a gypsy, and she had a lot of dark blood in her, and her hair was very, very thick—she couldn't even get a brush through it. So I have been very fortunate. And every time I go to cut it off, hairdressers refuse to do it. Read More http://www.gq.com/entertainment/music/201111/robert-plant-gq-music-issue#ixzz2RCt8zUZR So, maybe his mother was a gypsy then, and that why he has all his curly hair?
  5. Iron Maiden - Maiden Voyage. No it´s not that with giant Eddie. This is the "original" Iron Maiden back from 1970, kind of bluesy-prog-psych-rock
  6. Mostly ITTOD (just too much abba-ish) and Coda. IMHO.
  7. Bonjour Jarmo,

    Merci pour ton message. J'espère que tout va bien chez toi et ta famille. Julien est en vacances en ce moment, et moi je travaille depuis 1 an dans une entreprise. Chez nous en Alsace c'est toujours l'hiver, il fait froid ! Vivement l'été ! Et toi as tu trouvé un travail ? A bientôt Bisous


  8. Bonjour Martine, and thanks for your wishes.

    I did sent´t you a private message on January, but didn´t you got it?

  9. Bonjour Martine, (and here is traslation via Google)

    comment vous êtes, et Bonne Année à vous aussi. L'espoir tout est bien en Alsace et vous et Julien (c'est le nom de votre fils, n'est-ce pas?) sont bien trop?

    Nous venons de louer un gîte près de Saint-Maxime dans le Var Provence, l'objectif d'être là 2 semaines.


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