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  1. Try catch the hotel where he stays. There´s only few where he might stay during his stay. Hotel Kämp is almost opposite of Savoy theater, across the Esplanadi (main boulevard in Helsinki) and it´s the best one in Helsinki.
  2. "How many days has it been since I was born How many days til I die Do I know any ways I can make you laugh Or do I only know how to make you cry" Leon Russel - Stranger In A Strange Land
  3. Deep Purple - Space Trucking Okay, I miss a one minute. Deep red are the sun-sets in mystical places. Black are the nights on summer-day sands. We'll find the speck of truth in each riddle. Hold the first grain of love in our hands.
  4. Snapped Zeppelin — the band were photographed outside Windmill Street by Dick Barnatt "In early December 1968, the four members of Led Zeppelin casually posed in front of a Jaguar car for a group photo taken outside the offices of the Impact Agency located on Windmill Street, just off Tottenham Court Road. Photographer Dick Barnatt recalls: “As they walked outside the office into the street there was a Jaguar car parked right outside. In those days there was little restriction to parking in side roads in central London. I suggested a group shot against the car and they agreed. I shot three
  5. http://www.feelnumb.com/2011/07/20/robert-plant-pulled-down-his-pants-during-led-zeppelin-photo-shoot/
  6. It might get going down, like this http://www.straitstimes.com/news/asia/east-asia/story/china-lawmaker-sought-the-authorities-after-basement-construction-creates-
  7. Where´s half of HMMT? Even though every song is shortened few minutes or seconds, but HMMT half of it? Is it because capacity of disc format?
  8. I second that, these "recordings" are the best what we can get, until someone invents a time machine.
  9. http://www.ottotolonen.net/mp3_fi.php
  10. Aspensound

    Robert's Hair

    GQ: After all these years, how on earth have you managed to keep your hair like that? Robert Plant: Well, I don't know. We could be quite serious about it. I just have been very lucky. My mother was a gypsy, and she had a lot of dark blood in her, and her hair was very, very thick—she couldn't even get a brush through it. So I have been very fortunate. And every time I go to cut it off, hairdressers refuse to do it. Read More http://www.gq.com/entertainment/music/201111/robert-plant-gq-music-issue#ixzz2RCt8zUZR So, maybe his mother was a gypsy then, and that why he has all his curly hair
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