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  1. I never get bored watching a Jimmy interview. He's so animated and physical with his explanations, which makes it bizarre yet fascinating to watch him all the more. Thanks for the treat!
  2. Man you keep rubbin' salt in the wound....we know you were there !! (any more cool pics, btw? )
  3. Yeah, I can definitely relate to zombies...
  4. Hi And Welcome. Great question! No doubt Jimmy and John Paul have probably been jamming together for two hours in Jimmy's living room on a cold winter's eve ... followed by a sip of hot cocoa and off to bed by 10pm. (I think that's called semi-retirement, which is where I'd be if I were 65 y.o.)
  5. That's nice. Anybody know why is this director keeping his pet project on hold for the rest of us who don't live in Toronto or Berlin?
  6. How many times did I see him on Midnight Special? I lost count, that's how many. LEON!
  7. Okay I admit, I'm a e-bay hound, but today I came across the absolute weirdest piece of rock memorabilia I have ever seen- outside of Jimmy's action figures, of course. Check this out: a "Beatles licorice candy record" with a pic of a different Beatle on each disc. Here's a sample of George below. (No wonder he wanted out of the band after 1965. Can you blame him?!) What else have you seen that's Beyond Belief? Crazy? or Simply Rad?
  8. $250! That was probably the Center's entire budget for 1969! Only Peter Grant could make that gig happen.
  9. I just about choked on my coffee when I read this. Back in the 80s, I frequently went to this dumpy little Wheaton Youth Center to see knock-off 60s bands. I wouldn't go near the place today, but could it be true that THE Led Zeppelin played to a house of 55 fans on Jan. 20th 1969? If you were there, let this guy know! Washington Post: Led Zeppelin Played Where? ps- This website mentions that Zep DID play at this youth center on 1-20-69. It's a complete list of shows with songs played at each show.
  10. It's Jeff's SISTER who can be thanked for starting Led Zeppelin, about 6 degrees worth.... she introduced Jeff to Jimmy, from which Jimmy got into The Yardbirds, etc etc- old history but interesting nevertheless.
  11. Thank you Jimmy for staying alive and giving us your sweet music all these years, and thank you John Paul for playing bass so smooth and effortless, and thank you Robert for... um...well... wearing nice boots, and thank you Jason for keeping the sound of Led Zeppelin in your heart.
  12. zeptangerine


    FLIP FLOP- that's what we get every day with damn daily Zeppelin news alerts. I was so tired of these phony blips and blurbs, I cancelled mine with Google outright. No time wasters please, especially when all I've been reading lately is more about Robert's accolades than anyone elses. Yawn.
  13. It seems like producing an audio release of O2 first would be far easier on Jimmy time wise. And he has a advantage for producing an O2 cd over a video because synchronization isn't an issue. Hopefully he's heard all of the sound board tracks by now, and was happy with them. But I doubt he'll single-handedly produce a gorilla like the DVD; there was like what, 18 cameras at the show? He learned the first time around how difficult concert movies are- and hopefully he didn't hire any French directors for this production... )
  14. If it's not live- it's Memorex... Since Robert is out of the loop and Zeppelin is "no more", my prediction is JP & JPJ are working on releasing the CD version of the O2 show sometime this year.
  15. Well, I gotta big place in my heart for my home team the ! PS:
  16. This is typical. Walt Disney wouldn't cower behind a ticket booth and give up so easily like these assholes! Anything for auction at this point? How about the Hermit statue? I'd love to have that in my garden. (and that ZoSo sign would look great on my front door...)
  17. Shows how old I'm getting- I almost forgot it's Jimmy's birthday...
  18. After today's shitty news, this site should be renamed Ded Zeppelin instead of Led Zeppelin.
  19. RIGHT ON! (But Peter would have said "well f-ck me!" somewhere in the conversation. )
  20. Oh screw it. Time to talk about something new anyway. (on the bright side- a chance to use this stupid emoticon!)
  21. Yep, I remember all that recent banter between David Lee and Eddie. It was part show, part truth. They also looked like they could have cared less about each other at the press conferences, but they pulled off one hell of a tour probably because Eddie took rehab seriously this time around! With that said, it was refreshing that THEY [Eddie and David Lee] did the spinning- not their friends, managers or PR people. I don't know about your Jason prediciton- he's like family. Why do you think he'll be out of Led Zeppelin? Even Robert said he wanted to "keep it in the family" for the O2 show (but I guess his opinion doesn't matter anymore).
  22. It seems like a lot of you are ready to write Jimmy off to the old folks home with a wheelchair, a cardigan sweater and a cup of hot cocoa. I don't want to bid him a farewell just yet. Besides, it's obvious he doesn't want to do this new project half assed, and he shouldn't speed up the process just to make his fans happy. Personally, I'm tired of hearing the same old news, and I'm feeling strung along with these info-messages his friends are sending out. That chaps me more than anything.
  23. I gotta agree with chimp. ps- this new old news is getting really...old.
  24. Light and fluffy- sounds like a strawberry marshmallow Moon Pie, which HOTH truly is. One bite and you're happy for life. I've always felt HOTH is the happiest of all Zeppelin albums. Marsha agrees.
  25. I go away for a week and this happens?
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