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  1. I had never heard this one. Just listen to Bonzo!!!!!!!!!Fantastic drumming!!!!
  2. Awesome!!!!!!!!!I needed some RP today. Like his new spins on the old songs. JW
  3. Thanks alot for your info. great stuff. funny, I like the Yardbirds version best, clearer.Led Head,jwertley
  4. On page 300 in Keith Shedwick's book LZ the band was trying to get back in shape after RP lost his son, Karac. The band was on a short European tour in 1980 before their last US tour. The band was "getting back to basics" as they called it, playing The TRain Kept A-Rolling" to get in shape. I wonder if there was any recording then?LED HEAD, jwertley
  5. I've just read Keith Shadwicks' LZ book for the 2nd time. I've not seen any video or recording of LZ playing The Train Kept A-rolling. I've seen Yardbirds' BLow up video that is very good. I'm wondering if there was any recording of LZ's bit on that song????? LED HEAD, jwertley
  6. Thanks for your kind reply, I did have someone agree that the end had a technical glitch of the recording toward the end on this disc. The wowing continues on the applause after the violins on my disc. I haven't had anyone else observe it on theirs. Led Head. jwertley
  7. I recently bought NO Quarter JP/RP Unledded. I want to know if there is a technical error on the CD at the end of the last song Kasmir. What sounds to me like a typical "skip" as from a scratch starts with the final violin section, which may be done intentional as an affect of ending the song. However, the "skip" persists with the audience's applauses. I talked with a music shop whiz and he thinks its a technique of wolfing between speakers. If that was so why did this continue with the applause?? Is this a glitch, surely Jimmy wouldn't had allowed this to happen on a CD??? Jwertley still a LED HEAD.
  8. Hey, the new edition of TSRTS is great, but what is the name of song being played with the "menu" on the 2nd DVD??? I can't believe I haven't heard all their songs yet, Jwertley
  10. What a hunk of burning love!!!!!!jwertley
  11. Wow, all I can say is wow, thanks. jwertley
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