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  1. Thanks Chris, Neil Daniels? That was the biography on Robert Plant which was panned for its inaccuracy. He didn't do any thorough research, eg still calls the band Hoobstweedle.
  2. Bloco or Scott, do you have any information regarding dates Plant worked for Wimpey in Birmingham? I've seen conflicting dates published, either in 1966 or 1967. Plant also worked for Woolworths in Halesowen.
  3. He did not need to sell his rights though. Royalties are an artists 'bread and butter', even when you go broke or bankrupt. This decision was made in the early 80s when Plant deliberately distanced himself from that Zeppelin sound and look (before he decided to change back again with Now and Zen in 1988). If it wasn't for his solo career, he would be struggling. I don't believe he realised on how resilient the group brand is and that Led Zeppelin would go on to turn over revenue with reissues, CD sales, and box-sets. He doesn't get a cent in royalties and in fact has to pay the new owner of the songs, even though he co-wrote most of them (similar situation with Paul McCartney's Beatles songs - he actually has to pay someone else each time he performs them).
  4. If you get a chance, read Steve Sauer's review of Cross' book. He found it riddled with factual errors. Meg
  5. If you do a search of the forums you can find plenty of discussions about this. What is "ZoSo"? To me it's a sigil representing Jimmy's astrological sun sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn.
  6. The July dates are correct. My understanding of those May dates were that they were cancelled and rescheduled for July. Before Tim Rose died, on his official site there used to be a forum with many posts from fans recollecting seeing Tim during the 1968 tours. Sadly the forum was removed but I do recall some posts about Visa problems and a dispute with the promoter over monies.
  7. Given Bill's recollection, and we have a Woolpack date of the 27th July, I would venture to guess that Plant was in Pangbourne sometime between the 22nd and the 26th. Plant returning to Walsall on the 27th to tell members of Obs-Tweedle he has signed up with Jimmy's band, and the offer made to Bill to join Terry Reid's band. Band of Joy split in March 1968. Tim Rose didn't return to the UK until June 1968. There is a 3 month gap there. It is quite likely Bonham must have been playing for some band between Band of Joy and Tim Rose. Meg
  8. YMMV on this but Robert one time was also offering the services of the Band of Joy to play for world peace for free anywhere on the planet. There exists a photograph of Robert outside the Charge d'Affaires of the Republic of China, holding a letter, dated 15 November 1967.
  9. The report says "and is now with Uncle Joseph", and the date of the report is the 18th, so I'm inclined to believe he was "de facto" with the band, given Tim Rose's bass player was also with Uncle Joseph. In a previous, different thread, we established that Tim Rose used another drummer on his BBC recording session in London. It's quite possible that when John wasn't drumming with Tim, he was performing with Uncle Joseph, although I'd like to see some advertised gigs for this. There is also gaps between when the Band of Joy broke up and Tim Rose's early dates.
  10. Thanks Chris, so John also played in Uncle Joe, interesting. And a report Tim Rose's bass player was John Hill. Meg
  11. Going over what Bill told me, he states that Obs-Tweedle finally folded after a gig at the Woolpack. Robert turned up to offer Bill the keyboard position with Terry Reid, as a gesture of goodwill after leaving Obs-Tweedle. Terry had previously asked Robert if he knew any keyboard players, he was auditioning for his tour and debut recording. Meg
  12. Some Alexis Korner dates from Melody Maker, incomplete list. Saturday 8 March 1968 Middle Earth Club, London with Fleetwood Mac, Bruno's Blues Band, DJ Jeff Dexter Thursday 24 March 1968 Frankfurt Jazz Festival, Frankfurt, Germany Sunday 13 April 1968 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm with P.P. Arnold, and C.A.S.T. Friday 19 April 1968 Korner's 40th Birthday Party, Queensway with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers April-May Recording sessions at Sound Techniques Studios, London Friday 3 May 1968 Rutherford College, Kent with The Pentangle, Moe, and Dorris Henderson Thursday 9 May 1968 Audimax Pop Festival, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany Friday 17 May 1968 Middle Earth Club, London with Pink Floyd, Free, DJ Jeff Dexter, and Chakra Sunday 19 May 1968 The Civic Centre, Swiss Cottage NW3 "Alexis Korner presents the Submerged Seven Eighths of the Blues with actor Alexis Kanner" Sunday 26 May 1968 OZ Benefit, Middle Earth Club, London with The Pretty Things, Social Deviants, Blonde On Blonde, Pink Floyd, Miss Kelly, The Flamingoes, Buzby Lloyd, John Peel, Jeff Dexter and The Transcendental Aurora Light Show Monday 27 May 1968 Folk at the Garter, Star and Garter, Bromley with Pete Brown's Poetry Band, King Ida's Watch Chain, Mike Hawkins, Mike Horovitz, Brian Patten, Priests of the Raven Friday 21 June 1968 New Universities Festival, Bradford University Union, Bradford with Champion Jack Dupree, 'Midsummer Night's Dream' with Fleetwood Mac, Hedgehoppers Anon., Blossom Toes & Amboy Dukes. Wednesday 26 June 1968 Hampstead Country Club, Hampstead Saturday 6 July 1968 Woburn Music Festival, Bedfordshire with Jimi Hendrix, Pentangle, Donovan, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall, The Taste, Geno Washington, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Roy Harper, Al Stewart Tuesday 9 July 1968 The Blues Roll On, BBC Radio 3 Tuesday 16 July 1968 The Blues Roll On, BBC Radio 3 Tuesday 23 July 1968 The Blues Roll On, BBC Radio 3 Sunday 11 August 1968 8th national Jazz, Pop, Ballads & Blues Festival, Sunbury, Berkshire Host Monday 12 August 1968 London Jazz Centre, 100 Oxford Street with Chris McGregor and Sandy Brown Thursday 26 September 1968 International Essen Song Day, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany Thursday 17 October 1968 Porchester Hall, Queensway with Roy Harper, Pete Brown, Deviants, and The Action
  13. Another entry... The Origin of the Species, page 189 "Alexis Korner poked his head into the bandroom [at the Speakeasy] afterwards. He and Robert began talking blues, partly because they both remembered Plant as a Crawling King Snake once volunteering, nay, insisting, on blowing harmonica druing Korner's second set at Kidderminster's Cannon Hill Arts Centre a while back. Had Robert ever enjoyed a more interesting conversation? The feeling seemed to be reciprocal, and it wasn't long before Plant and Korner started working together, on and off, as a duo of the same kidney as those with whom Robert had performed in the folk clubs. With pianist Steve Miller, they also attempted to tape an album that was aborted after two weeks. 'Operator' and 'Steal Away', a fragment of which was to be quoted in Led Zeppelin's 'How Many More Times'. Thus the middle-aged Korner became the despairing young minstrel's career advisor, father confessor and a major catalyst in the recovery of his artistic confidence, 'Alexis absorbed me into his larger family of musicians and friends in London,' beamed Plant, 'He aided my schooling for what was about to come, and is still coming.'" Meg
  14. Interesting follow up... in The Origin of the Species book by Adam Clayson, he states on page 73 that John Paul Jones used to play organ for Herbie Goin's and the Night Timers, to let off steam after his studio sessions. I wonder...
  15. An account of Alexis Korner jamming with Robert at the Midland Arts Centre: Motor city music - Birmingham-style Birmingham Post, 9 March 2000 "[Chris] Phipps has ramped up a 35-year ­career in the music industry. Based in the United Kingdom, he has worked in the United States, Japan, Africa, Israel, Holland and throughout Europe. His passion and enthusiasm for music remains as ebullient as it was in the mid-1970’s when, as a college disc jockey, he began promoting local bands. He has worked with the best, from Bob Marley to Sting, the Pet Shop Boys and Dire Straits and as a television producer and interviewer, he has put many more bands and musicians on the world’s screens, including Joan Armatrading, Ozzy Osbourne, UB40, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Steel Pulse and the Fine Young Cannibals. Born in Northfield, he attended King Edwards School, Camp Hill, and studied teacher training at West Midlands College of Education. Phipps was already steeped in vinyl and music, booking local bands such as Carl Wayne and the Vikings (later The Move), The Idle Race with Jeff Lynne, who was later to form the Electric Light Orchestra and Jon Lord (later to form Deep Purple). Phipps recalls: “Sixth form was great – Steve Winwood was playing in local jazz bands before the dawn of the Spencer Davis Group, Robert Plant was getting up to sing with Alexis Korner at the Midland Arts Centre, Gene Vincent was at St Francis Hall, Bournville, the Four Tops played the Odeon. “At college, I booked Robert Plant’s Band of Joy, got sacked from the Ents Committee for booking Cream for £360 and then reinstated myself by getting The Scaffold to perform in the Common Room; I booked Paul Simon for £6 for the Christian Club, Black Sabbath, the original Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, Jethro Tull ...” http://www.birminghampost.net/life-leisure-birmingham-guide/birmingham-culture/music-in-birmingham/2009/03/09/motor-city-music-birmingham-style-65233-23101093/ Meg
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