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  1. I'll definately buy one! Once I get some money.
  2. I'm 14 and I love Led Zeppelin! I've got 5 posters and a countless number of pictures that I've printed out all over my room. I just graduated from eighth grade, and in our school each person in the eighth grade class gets to paint their own little foot by foot square in the hall, needless to say, I did the cover of the fourth album. Peace, Kristen
  3. I think this is going to become my favorite thread! Sadly, I haven't had any deams of the guys lately. Oh well, I'll just have to listen to you girls' stories!
  4. I've never seen this pic before. Does anybody know who the girl is? Is it Pamella Des Barres? It's also an extremely hot pic of Jimmy.
  5. Definately Jimmy, but Robert and JPJ run a very close second!
  6. Check out this pic, my imagination really ran wild with this one.
  7. Thanks for all the warm welcomes!
  8. Wonderful pictures! Jimmy is absolutley beautiful!
  9. Hi all! My name is Kristen and I'm 14. I thought I'd drop by and introduce myself. I've been ghosting around the forum for the past few days and finally worked up enough courage to join. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people that love Led Zeppelin as much as I do!
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