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  1. The Super 8 footage was the grainy parts that had the strange little rectangle on the side of the frame? I also found it very distracting and wonder about it every time I watch the film. I didn't like it either but thought the overall film was great.
  2. enjoyed the North/South Kendo tournament.

  3. went and saw Wrath of the Titans.

  4. streamed Iron Man 2 tonight.

  5. started karate 31 years ago, today.

  6. Good news for Sean, bad new for my dreams of playing on Jason's Ludwig kit:
  7. jblze.com just updated. And the winner is.... umvq4339 Sadly, it was not me. It would be interesting to learn what becomes of that drumset!
  8. I'm still recovering from last night, but here's my recap: It took me two hours of LA traffic to make it to the show in Hollywood (Pantages Theatre). No worries, I left early enough and had good music to keep me company, including Jason's In the Name of My Father, Page and Plant, and Lita Ford's cover of Whole Lotta Love (very hot). (For reference, the drive back was the usual 30 minutes). The place was packed. There were a couple empty seats, so I don't know if it sold out, but it must have been around 99% fulll. The audience LOVED it. Standing ovations started about 3 songs in and continued for the rest of the evening. The show was great. They might not be the best Zep cover band I've heard, but they certainly do it justice. The songs were shorter than Zep typcially plays (even than the album versions), and they left out some notes (especially in the first set) but they sounded REALLY good. One thing that struck me was the mixing-- it was great. Usually I feel that some part is too low, but the sound engineers on this tour did an outstanding job. As someone else mentioned, they put a lot of echo on Jason. Every song sounds like Levee Break's huge drum echo. Yes, it does distract a bit from Jason's technical artistry, but I think it sounded good and to me at least, it was a tribute to Bonzo's unmatchable, larger than life drum sound. Vocals were great, Catania on guitar was great (although I've heard better Page imitations). I was happy to hear Michael Devin and Stephen Le Blanc again (they were great in the Bonzo tribute show in September). Devin was amazing as usual, fingers flying, jumping and moving around stage, singing along on several tunes, you could tell he was having as much fun as anyone out in the audience. I liked the video. Some parts reminded me of lava lamps, spirographs, and Asteroids, so it certainly brought me back to the 70s and 80s. They had a sportscar up there for some of the show, another tip of the hat to Bonzo. Speaking of which, Jason wore a black bowler that I though was a great tribute to his Dad. The home video and Jason's talking about his family was good, but somehow I expected more of it. I do understand it would be hard for him to rock out if he got choked up talking about his Dad, though. He did talk about his early life, and the O2 show, and there was great footage of him and Bonzo, but there wasn't the kind of emotional talk about losing his Dad that I was somehow expecting. The show was great, but for me the September tribute was a little more emotional. One of the highlights for me was Zoe Bonham coming out to play Harmonica on Levee Breaks. This was the one time the sound mix seemed off--the harmonica was a little low, but still it was a great performance. Throughout the evening there was a lot of audience participation. They really brought us into the music. Lots of fun! Thanks for the tip about the laminate fundraiser raffle. They sell a limited amount, so the chance of winning a meeting with Jason is around 1 in 40. I didn't win, but I'm still dreaming about winning his drumset at the end of the tour! Speaking of which, thanks for the post about BCC planning on recording another album. The first one really rocks, and I'd love to see BCC tour the states soon!
  9. One week until the LA show! Thanks for the great reviews, I'm getting really excited!
  10. I'm getting mixed feelings from these posts: I'm super excited to see the show, but I have to wait a WHOLE MONTH! Thanks for all the info.
  11. According to this link: http://www.ledzeppelinnews.com/2010/10/jason-bonham-pleased-as-led-zeppelin.html Bonham is accompanied on this tour by the following musicians: Lead guitar - http://mysp.ac/JBLZEax Vocals - http://bit.ly/JBLZEvox Keyboards, lap steel, 2nd guitar - http://bit.ly/JBLZEkeys Bass - http://bit.ly/JBLZEbass Tony Catania is lead guitar and Steven LeBlanc keys, stell, and 2nd guitar. Interesting that they have two guitarists. I wonder if he does any of the overdub layering that Jimmy would add afterwards in the studio. I saw Plant and Krause at the Fox a couple years back. As mentioned, it's pretty safe. Park close and don't go for a long walk after the show. There used to be trouble with arson on Devil's Night, but that was a pretty long time ago. I don't live in Michigan anymore but I haven't heard of any bad incidents in a long time. I'm going to see the tour in November. Can hardly wait! I saw Jason play at the memorial concert for his Dad in LA recently. He was in great form.
  12. Off topic but an interesting coincidence here: I had an e-mail today from a "Jimmy Page". I figured it was someone using his name to draw attention to spam but it's actually from a Jimmy Page who is the Circulation Manager for Drug Discovery News. I had a chuckle and thought it was ironic considering the old interview where Jimmy says he wants to be a biological scientist.
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