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  1. The Super 8 footage was the grainy parts that had the strange little rectangle on the side of the frame? I also found it very distracting and wonder about it every time I watch the film. I didn't like it either but thought the overall film was great.
  2. Going to see it at Muvico in Thousand Oaks, 7 PM on the 17th. About a mile from my home. Got the tickets Sunday for $20. Going to see it on my own. Muvico has a good bar and restaurant and you can bring things into the theater. REALLY looking forward to this. Also pre-ordered the blu-ray and am looking forward to screening it on my home theater system. I wonder why it took five years for this film to come out....
  3. Pre-ordered the deluxe Ed and look forward to screening it at home.
  4. enjoyed the North/South Kendo tournament.

  5. Hi Folks, so far the local interest for these is not as high as I'd hoped, and my local LP store isn't offering very much. I'm open to shipping these or selling off individual albums. $150 for the whole lot (I'll pay for shipping if it's $50 or less), plus some of my wife's ABBA and other albums, or I can sell individual ones for $5-10, depending on rarity, plus whatever shipping costs. Contact me if interested.
  6. went and saw Wrath of the Titans.

  7. streamed Iron Man 2 tonight.

  8. Hi Roger. Really impressive site you have there!
  9. I'd rather not ship them, since I've had people indicate local interest. But, if I don't end up selling it I can contact you.
  10. I updated my soundsystem and no longer have a turntable attached to it. (I have one attached to my computer for recording to mp3s though.) I don't really listen to the LPs anymore, since I've already converted them to digital. I got rid of a cabinet that I was storing the LPs in too, so at this point freeing up storage space is more important than keeping LPs I won't be using.
  11. started karate 31 years ago, today.

  12. Good question, and the answer is no. Here's a list of most of what I have: VHS: TSRTS 4 cassette Led Zeppelin 82144-4 45s: RP Heaven Knows with bonus B side Walking Towards Paradise Immigarant Song/Hey, Hey, What Can I Do The Who I Can't Explain LPs: White Boy Blues Willie and the Poor Boys Concerts for the People of Kampuchea Outrider Smoke and Fire Death Wish II Tommy Shaw What If Motor City Rocks I and II Most Robert Plant LPs Led Zeppelin LPs (almost all released on Atlantic/Swansong but not any specials or white vinyl) JPJ Scream For Help The Firm LPs BOC Culto
  13. I'm not sure what the forum policy on selling things is. I have a lot of Zeppelin and related LPs and a few tapes I'm interested in getting rid of. Zeppelin, Robert Plant, and a few others like Jugula, JPJ, Steven Still, etc (Zeppelin members playing or Zeppelin covers). If it's permitted, and there is interest, I'd like to consider selling them to fellow Zep fans.
  14. Thanks, LZfvr, you may be right. I smelled quite a bit of MJ during the show. Knebby, thanks for the link. It was quite an interesting read. Hopefully we'll hear more from Robert and Alison some day. I think an album of them doing Delta Blues without T-Bone could be really great. On the subject of food at the Greek- there is café on the golf course withing walking distance. Beer and wine, and halfway decent food. My wife and son had cheeseburgers and I had a burrito that was absolutely humongous. The show was a lot colder than I expected, and I think the woman bundled in a huge blan
  15. I enjoyed the show at the Greek last night. Great musicians (six of them) and some really nice (and surprising in a good way) arrangements of Zep and Plant songs. (Nice harmony with Patty singing "I'm in the mood for a melody..." During the show, Robert had a bit of a cryptic comment. (Not unusual for him, I know.) It was something like, "I noticed the smell ofsulfurr just as the door was closing , and now I'm happy to be here in something so colorful." My best guess is that something went bad with the T-Bone/Krauss collaboration and now he's very happy with his current band. (?) Does a
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