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    Inside a matchbox, cause I know it's time to fly...
  1. Pan Pizza with extra cheese. Slurp. Cute grandkids Al. Looks a bit like the Daytona water park
  2. Ledbaby makes me laugh. So hard sometimes i cry, lol. you are my favorite member...

  3. Hey ledbaby who's this katy person? lol...she's got a mess for ya?

  4. Goodnight......take my word. Take it home///
  5. Yeah, Heard of that. Canada? NOPE! I love food, but weird places that dont exist.
  6. No worries. With saurkraut and mustard. No prob.
  7. Akina Minami Milano Krista Allen
  8. Awww, good for you. One question? Why should idiots be of concern to you? Congrats, take your time and have fun with the web Repeat take your time
  9. Watching No Quarter and drinking champagne
  10. I thought that was an old old show? Is it a repeat or have they brought it back. Funny stuff.
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