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    When the train stops, all together we will smile >8~)

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    Inside a matchbox, cause I know it's time to fly...
  1. Egads. Come back with a bang and some tang
  2. Now theres an idea. A bit of hocus pocus Thats funny.
  3. Pan Pizza with extra cheese. Slurp. Cute grandkids Al. Looks a bit like the Daytona water park
  4. I know a few of them. The ones who really rip my bag are the ones who have been so spoiled all their lives they carry it in to adult life and think everyone including their parents have to tow the line for them. Grow up. Be an adult and treat people like others besides your parents. I'm not your daddy. I'm not your mommy. Want a spanky? Only if you behave.
  5. Ledbaby makes me laugh. So hard sometimes i cry, lol. you are my favorite member...

  6. Hey ledbaby who's this katy person? lol...she's got a mess for ya?

  7. Goodnight......take my word. Take it home///
  8. ledbaby

    Pet Peeves

    Crazy fuckers, what are you all on about?
  9. ledbaby

    Pet Peeves

    What I hate is people fighting with me, when they know I am right. Whats with that shit?
  10. I'm having a great time, well besides these little twits who think they can yank some part of my freedom from me. GOOOOOD LUCK KIDDIES. Yes, this means you. God bless America and I have no idea if this will work, but she's and American YEAHHHHH BABY! Leann Rimes (It's in the eyes)
  11. ledbaby

    Pet Peeves

    It's not a joke, Spats or any of you will not run over me. Period.
  12. ledbaby

    Pet Peeves

    You better not be starting on me. I am not Spats, I wont go with it. Learn it.
  13. ledbaby

    Pet Peeves

    Pricks are pricks, if your so in to your self you cannot let a lady pass along? Piss the fuck off.
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