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  1. Scott78

    list your top guitarist's

    David Gilmour Jimmy Page Marty Friedman Neal Schon Billy Gibbons
  2. Scott78

    Page's best studio solo

    I also vote for Since I've been loving You
  3. Scott78

    Make 1 great Zep album

    1. Black Dog 2. Since I've been loving you 3. Nobody's fault but mine 4. The Ocean 5. No Quarter 6. Kashmir 7. Heartbreaker 8 Stairway to Heaven
  4. For me it would be from The Royal Albert hall 1970 .
  5. Scott78

    Best version of Moby Dick?

    I like tsrts same version the best . But the Royal Albert hall is great too .
  6. Scott78

    Page's best live solo

    No Quarter from TSRTS .
  7. Scott78

    The best live performance of "Kashmir"

    I would say both nights from Knebworth were the best versions . Robert sang it better than Earls Court , and Seattle imo .
  8. Scott78

    Zeppelin's best album

    Houses of The Holy
  9. Scott78

    overall fav zeppelin song

    Not on the list , but mine is "No Quarter "
  10. Scott78

    John Paul Jones' Crowning Achievement

    No Quarter
  11. Scott78

    What was Zeppelins' Best Year?

    I would say 72-73 , they had 5 great albums to play from live by 73 . Jimmy's playing was at it's best and Roberts voice imo was better live during this time than later in the 70's . 72-73 was Zeppelin at their best
  12. Scott78

    How Many Zeppelin songs are ion your top 10

    Since I've Been Loving You - Zeppelin Kashmir - Zeppelin Stairway - Zeppelin Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull Tarot Woman - Rainbow Eye of The Tiger - Survivor Be Good to Yourself - Journey No Leaf Clover - Metallica Right now - Van halen
  13. Scott78

    Bass Players

    1. Geddy Lee 2. JPJ 3. Jack Bruce 4. Geezer Butler 5. Bob Daisly
  14. Scott78

    Original or New TSRTS

    I like the new version the most also . But the original is still good
  15. Scott78

    Guitar Hero / Rock Band / Video Games

    I still find it hard to believe that kids who have played this game , that like Sabbath , Deep Purple , etc have never heard of LZ . And wouldn't give them a listen on youtube etc . If they are that bad that they need a game to tell them who Zeppelin is they are not much of a rock fan .