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  1. David Gilmour Jimmy Page Marty Friedman Neal Schon Billy Gibbons
  2. I also vote for Since I've been loving You
  3. 1. Black Dog 2. Since I've been loving you 3. Nobody's fault but mine 4. The Ocean 5. No Quarter 6. Kashmir 7. Heartbreaker 8 Stairway to Heaven
  4. For me it would be from The Royal Albert hall 1970 .
  5. I like tsrts same version the best . But the Royal Albert hall is great too .
  6. I would say both nights from Knebworth were the best versions . Robert sang it better than Earls Court , and Seattle imo .
  7. Not on the list , but mine is "No Quarter "
  8. I would say 72-73 , they had 5 great albums to play from live by 73 . Jimmy's playing was at it's best and Roberts voice imo was better live during this time than later in the 70's . 72-73 was Zeppelin at their best
  9. Since I've Been Loving You - Zeppelin Kashmir - Zeppelin Stairway - Zeppelin Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull Tarot Woman - Rainbow Eye of The Tiger - Survivor Be Good to Yourself - Journey No Leaf Clover - Metallica Right now - Van halen
  10. 1. Geddy Lee 2. JPJ 3. Jack Bruce 4. Geezer Butler 5. Bob Daisly
  11. I like the new version the most also . But the original is still good
  12. I still find it hard to believe that kids who have played this game , that like Sabbath , Deep Purple , etc have never heard of LZ . And wouldn't give them a listen on youtube etc . If they are that bad that they need a game to tell them who Zeppelin is they are not much of a rock fan .
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