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Ocket Pulf gof fold?


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Is it just me, or do some live versions of Over The Hills And Far Away have Plant occasionally saying something like "Ocket Pulf gof fold", somewhere after he says "pocket full of gold"?

case in point is the new The Song Remains The Same CD.

Right around, 2:17, Robert says the line as normal.

And then at 2:22, Robert says something like "Ocket Pulf gof fold" or whatever.

I also checked out How The West Was Won and right around 2:15 is where I think he's doing it again. Of course I could be hearing things at this point.

The best place where you can hear it is on the Live At Earl's Court DVD. I know it's not kosher as far as being official material, but I couldn't resist. I'm just starved for Led Zeppelin material.

Check around 2:22 on this one as well. I think this is the best version of Plant saying this warped version of the line. I think he is amused by it or something.


Have I a got a case of dyslexia or is he really playing with the words?

You know how if you expect something, you're more likely to perceive it be happening even when it might not be? I'm not sure that's what's happening here...

Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

Any other versions like this?


Furthermore, as I don't even know myself, what the hell does it matter?

Even furthermore, isn't is amazing how they really were rock machines? I mean, all of these lines occur within 5 seconds of each other in many versions of the same song!

As all the versions move on, the guitar solos really break up everything and provide some dynamic jams that make the versions (and concerts) unique.

True professionals.

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oh it makes sense now!


LOL It is amazing what you hear and what it actually is. Like in Misty Mountain Hop; "There you sit sitting spare like a book on a shelf rusting". I never knew that was the line untill I read the lyrics. I did the same thing you just did when I heard it after reading them. They somehow become much clearer...

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