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  1. off the cuff: "What's it like being better than God?" off the brain: "I believe you when you say you wrote/performed Beck's Bolero - so can you brainstorm on why Jeff Beck thinks he did it?"
  2. Umm...has anyone seen the Rain or Pink Floyd shows? Since the official site alludes to them, I think we can expect something similar to that.
  3. I found Led Zeppelin today coming out of the mouth of the drive thru window guy at Chik-fil-A. He saw my Led Zeppelin shirt and said "You know, Led Zeppelin was popular when I was in Junior High" After a slight hesitation, I replied, "and it still is popular" Well maybe not in junior high today. I kind of wondered why he was working at the drive thru window at Chik-fil-A if Led Zeppelin was popular when he was in junior high. But I think that sort of moral degradation was kind of implied as I hesitated to come up with a response to his coment. Whelp, rock on Chik-fil-A dude...rock on!
  4. Why do I get the feeling that we're going to be talking about a lot of other bands/artists on these first few albums or so? Some people don't like it, but I certainly do because it puts Led Zeppelin in perspective. I'm from the camp that says music is for the people and can't really be stolen blah blah blah blah and now everyone thinks I'm crazy... BUT This was not the first song entitled "You Shook Me" that John Paul Jones worked on. He played piano on Jeff Beck's version, which was released in August of 1968. They did it first! But #1 Led Zeppelin did it differently and #2 they didn't live in a world where you have the internet and you know what every artist is up to, so I always think it's unfair when someone says that Led Zeppelin took it from Jeff Beck. Led Zeppelin's version was released January 12th 1969, only 4 months or so after Beck's version. I believe this is Beck speaking here (I found this in the 2006 release of Jeff Beck's album Truth, and is sort of an indirect reference to Led Zeppelin's version: "I still maintain that the two- and three-minute singles of the '50s ... any piece of music that stands the test of 50 years can't be such a bad idea. 'Be Bop A Lula'? Two guitar solos, two and a half minutes, done. If you're talking about bare-bones 12-bars, please don't bore us for twenty minutes" Anyways, I know I'm not bored by listening to Led Zeppelin's version, which is almost 3 times as long (6:30 vs. 2:28)... More for my buck! Beck's version ain't bad though. Still very good, but really they are different enough in my book to just be to separate instances of how two different artists can transform the landscape.
  5. Whether you use them or like them has nothing to do with the real problem. I don't like them either and so I don't use them, but that doesn't mean I have a right to force someone not to use them. I do have a right to tell them not to use them, however. Make them all legal and discourage their use. Not through regulation, but through culture changing propaganda.
  6. Kids don't respect the law, and I think the laws end up hurting them more in the end than if they didn't exist. I would set the drinking, smoking, gambling, porning, and drugging age to 0. I might only agree with the drivers license age change. We already tried to make alcohol illegal here is the US and the lesson was that it created more crime and crime lords. Is that what you want? People want alcohol and drugs for some reason and they are going to find a way to get it. This includes kids. Making it illegal or delaying the age just makes it that much more interesting to them as they grow up. I think doing drugs and alcohol is stupid, but forcing people not to do them is worse because it creates another set of problems that are even worse.
  7. Yes, it should be legal, along with every other drug out there. The reason why it is a problem is because it's not regulated by the government. Drugs would not be as valuable if legalized, because they would be more available to the public. Drug crime is a major business run by unchecked people. There isn't a drug dealer on earth that would want it legalized, and that's because the drugs give them more power and money than if it was taxed and regulated. This is a power that belongs in the hands of the government. By the way, the "worst" drug that I do is caffeine. I have never smoked a cigarette and I don't drink at all, much less do any hard drugs. I think it's all absolutely stupid to alter your state anything more than caffeine to wake up. But you know what? Some people want to do it. Some people want to drink or smoke pot or do crack and they should be allowed to. I know that people want to do what they're told not to do, and that they value things that are not readily available. The real problem is not the drugs themselves, but the people who control them. If you want to fight drug crime, then you need to legalize all drugs. It's like when a Home Depot (large hardware chain) opens up in your neighborhood, the Ma and Pa hardware store go out of business. When you can sell something for 10000 times what it costs to make it, then it's impossible to stop it from entering your country.
  8. Now Flowers' comments remind me of the John Lennon - Jesus Christ incident...
  9. ok seriously. If anyone has heard any Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones solo material on this station, raise your hand... ... Queue the crickets
  10. exactly. I still find myself just listening to bootlegs on my iPod. I keep the Sirius station on though, and if I see (by looking at the player) something interesting, I'll switch back. Also, I enjoy listening to this station when other people are in the car. I just like to share the good vibes!
  11. Yeah these songs were played at different times so I just assumed they weren't played at the same show. But now I know! I'll have to check out that show and let you know if you were right!
  12. Today, much to my delight, they played 2 live songs I hadn't heard before. The problem is that there's no way to tell which show they came from! Does anyone have any ideas (I'll see if I can describe them to you) How Many More Times It sounded really raw and it stuck very close to the album. Robert even threw out the "I've got 10 children of my own..." lines and I'm not sure I've ever heard that part live. This was obviously early on because it was almost identical to the album, but still really good. Heartbreaker Also really close to the album and also very raw sounding. The only difference from the album was the middle part of the guitar solo where Jimmy plays those little riffs (what are they btw?), it gets real quiet and then everyone cheers. (yeah I guess he did those tunes in the middle of a lot of Heartbreakers, just not the studio version) Not much to go on I know, but maybe some of you can take a crack at it.
  13. It's almost like they have a lack of resources. Someone over at XM/Sirius thinks that they can get away with all the repetitive programming and not have to program more than they think they should have to. I don't know anything about how this stuff is put together, so maybe it's more rocket science than I seem to think it is. I could understand maybe if the repeats were during the 12-5am hour or something like that. But morning commute / evening commute repetition is so blatantly obvious! I currently am mooching off my Aunt's XM/Sirius subscription and I thought about at least subscribing to the internet version. But it ain't gonna happen until I see some improvements. I think that if everyone here (just this thread even) complains then I'd expect to see something change. We can talk about it all we want but if we all don't let them know, it'll be like screaming in space (if you could breath in space and your lungs didn't collapse in the first place!)
  14. eeeeyah, but I wasn't around for the first time and I still get what he's saying. They literally play the same songs in the same order on the same day, later in the day. I definitely agree with the material you suggested. I'd even like to hear an occasional cover of a Led Zeppelin song. They're never as good, but they can be more fresh.
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