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  1. This song could have been omitted from the album since both Heartbreaker and LLM end pretty abruptly. The transition from Heartbreaker to Ramble On would have worked great. I wonder why they didn't do that if they didn't like it so much? Maybe the song was kind of a Plan B for album sales? It probably didn't start out that way, but I just think it sounds really commercial. I've never liked the lyrics and have always been confused by their overly sexist nature. The solo is cool, being in the Jimmy Page style, but it reminds me more of a rock solo from today - it's over right when it's
  2. It's a stretch. There is a guitar melody in there that resembles the opening Stairway melody but it doesn't match up for long. Let it Grow repeats that same melody, but Stairway's is more dynamic. Let it Grow has a standard verse and chorus structure, which also repeats the guitar melody throughout the whole song. This doesn't occur in Stairway, which has a progressive structure that builds until releasing at "And as we wind on down the road..." Stairway is an entirely different animal, with no chorus, while Let it Grow is more pop sounding with repeating choruses at the end of the song. Th
  3. The list is a good start but the method can be improved. I don't think they gave enough consideration to historical context. Bands don't live in a timeless vacuum where other bands don't have any affect on later bands. For example, there are many cases where Band B would not have existed if Band A didn't exist first. Or maybe Band B might have still existed but could have been entirely different and possibly not successful at all. Think about trendsetter bands like Nirvana and Black Sabbath that are waaay too far down the list. Even if Black Sabbath hadn't influenced metal as much as th
  4. Well he had an alibi, but he can't tell the judge. If he did, he'd say he was "in the arms of my best friends wife".
  5. Well he had an alibi, but he can't tell the judge. If he did, he'd say he was "in the arms of my best friends wife".
  6. Thank you for resurrecting my interest for comments I made 3 years ago. As an update, I have since covered Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" myself. I can't take any credit though as my changes are not significant enough. But what of Bob Dylan? Joni Mitchell has this to say, "Bob is not authentic at all. He’s a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I."
  7. I didn't see the same show as the author but the show on 2/2/2011 was great. I didn't see this 'old' thing Sarah Ventre was talking about. It must be my own personal bias regarding quality music.
  8. Not if the new songs are good! I'm sure if they start singing "Hey Hey Mama, said they way you move does your hip pop out when you dance to the groove?" yeah that might alienate some fans. Of course at a show with tens of thousands of people...I'm sure a few of them are going to go to the bathroom at some point. At such a show though, the people who won't leave will be in the front and that's all the band can really see anyways ... It would be interesting if we could see what percentage of new songs are played on a tour following the release of a new album. That wouldn't be too
  9. To your second point...if they wanted to do it they would find time...much like any relationship! But as you mentioned in your first point...they don't want to do it. But that's sugar coating it as more specifically Robert doesn't want to do it. If I was working with either of the 4, I would actually expect them to stop working with me in the event that the planets aligned or however you crazy kids are characterizing what amounts to be Robert Plant's willingness to participate in a major Zeppelin endeavor. I'd be waiting for that every day and making the most of my time with them.
  10. Was every successive album a case of lightening striking? On the Led Zeppelin DVD or maybe it was the TSRTS, Robert says something about an album being about where the band is at the time. So that's what a new album would be. There's no need to go back to anything. I think if you put those 4 musicians together to make music there's certainly going to be something interesting. How do you measure success of that effort? That's up to each individual. The musicians should only measure it based on their satisfaction with their work, much in the way Robert seems enjoy what he is doing right now.
  11. exactly. but not with Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones. I'm sure it'll be good but oh well.
  12. So here is the big elephant in the room that everyone here deals with every day, but seems to forget. I believe he is insecure about the death of his friend John Bonham. It's got to be an absolute nightmare to him. The death of his son also played a major role. It was a one-two knockout punch in a span of 5 years. I don't blame him either. I think it's wonderful that he's doing anything music related. Those traumatic events happened over 30 years ago and they matured him. To the point that I think that's why he associates youth with Led Zeppelin. That was HIS youth and coming of age.
  13. I should start this post off saying that I don't know Robert Plant personally, and so a lot of my opinions on the matter are based on what is likely out of context BS and assumptions. That's how most of us get our information because most of us don't know him. But even if I did know him personally, it sounds like he realizes that he alone is the one in control of his destiny, and that I could present no argument to reunite as Led Zeppelin that wouldn't drive a wall between us. What I don't understand is...if it did happen, I don't think too many people would complain. Maybe the "No Zep
  14. I was led here via another post but it looked relevant: http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/myth-busters-jimmy-pages/
  15. Yes, the DC show last night WAS amazing!!! Band of Joy lived up to its name as there was a lot of joy in the room. Now I am not normally a beat-clapper, but last night I was. Too much to contain myself. Griffin was absolutely on fire in so many ways. Just her voice alone did it, but the outfit she had on with the classy way that she grooved to the music set me over the top. She had at least one song out front that was beautiful. She's a great contrast to the other voices in the group. Robert did not disappoint. I didn't know what to expect in person but I had high hopes and they were
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