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I'm still pretty new to the world of electric guitars (only being playing electric for a few months), but I am interested in getting an effects pedal of sorts.

I want to find one that would work with a Fender Squier, and give it a more raunchy sound (without static) and can also make the famed "wah wah wah" sound.

If any of you know something that may fit my needs, please post here, I'll be very grateful! (plus, the only place I can get one is from ebay)

And I know a chap in one of my other threads said that the pedal will connect both ways into your amp and your guitar, but if you could tell me more, that'd be great.

Thanks a ton,


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Define raunchy to your ear's please. Give me an example, some body I can listen to and say one way or another.

Any Wah pedal would work...

Are you thinking about the Jimi Hendrix sound? There is a Fuzz pedal (Dunlop) on the market.


Here's more info, if you like to read stuff like this.


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