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  1. When I listen to Bonzos strait or usual playing I hear "Buddy Rich" very clearly, the attack, the style, the passion etc. We as musicians are all influenced by many things that we hear or like, I'd be willing to bet that Bonzo was like that as well. Zeppelin as a group was exploring some-what new ground (or at least different ways of doing things) so I'd also have to say that the whole band was being innovative to. I've seen interviews with Rush and they all we’re floored by Zeppelin when they first heard them as teens.... Probably the same way the boys from Zep where aww-struck when they
  2. Wow! I've not been around here in a while! Lolz!

  3. Happy Birthday! Don't see you around much on the board, but hope you are doing well and have a great day.

  4. now it's really got cold outside! winter is here or at least close!!

  5. hi, you want to be Zeppelin friends?

  6. hello buddy, whats up?

  7. About 2 day's drive from me are you... Ha Ha Ha (my Yoda imitation)

  8. Happy late birthday!!

  9. I just now got your message you left on my profile, sorry it took so long...Spring is giving cool weather in my town right now.

  10. Isn't this neat??!!!

  11. Hello new friend, hope spring get's there soon

    Bye now


  12. Sounds like a party...but I don't drink or do drugs any more so I'll just have a Coke Zero and be happy..

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