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  1. When I listen to Bonzos strait or usual playing I hear "Buddy Rich" very clearly, the attack, the style, the passion etc. We as musicians are all influenced by many things that we hear or like, I'd be willing to bet that Bonzo was like that as well. Zeppelin as a group was exploring some-what new ground (or at least different ways of doing things) so I'd also have to say that the whole band was being innovative to. I've seen interviews with Rush and they all we’re floored by Zeppelin when they first heard them as teens.... Probably the same way the boys from Zep where aww-struck when they
  2. Wow! I've not been around here in a while! Lolz!

  3. Happy Birthday! Don't see you around much on the board, but hope you are doing well and have a great day.

  4. Got a post on my Facebook wall about today being the 31st anniversary of the last Led Zeppelin live show before Bonzo died.
  5. Nope, not heard back from the folks at Jessee's this year. That was down the street from Jessee's at Caribuo Coffee.
  6. Nice to meet you! Stick around and chat for a while.
  7. The day I lost my cherry.... Any one seen it? Been gone since the 1980's, wish it'd been some one different. Could be I'll never see that piece of fruit again. I guess I'll throw in the day I discovered there was more than Stairway to Heaven in Led Zeppelin's catalog.
  8. Looks close enoff to me... Oh, and I said F in the other theard when it's actualy F#..Sorry guys, been a while since I've even tryed this one.
  9. Yup, I've been to Johnston County...ever been to Alamance County? The bigger city's most anywhere will/can be the exception to any large area of local social/cultural behavior. This is because of the vast numbers of people in these metropolises, and there is always a lot of different cultures represented in these large city's too.
  10. The media is the media, I listen to my big toe for all the news on political thing's, sometimes I'll surf thru the Cable Network stations but I don't believe every thing I hear/see on them.
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