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My New 2008 Les Paul Standard! Woot


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Nice, you get the traditional or the revamped 08?

Chrome tuning keys??? I prefer the green


hehe thanx meng, i had gotten on of the coolplek ones(or how ever you spell it) Basically these are the specs:

-Chambered body

-Enlarged neck tenon for more sustain

Burstbucker Pro Pickups

Custom Bourns Controls

Tone Pros locking bridge and tail peice

Neutrik locking output jack

locking grover tuners

Plek set up (laser guided intonation)

Asymmetrical comfort neck

Its a standard but this thing is a beast. Best guitar iv bought hands down... And thats sayign alot because i have a blackie custom shop eric clapon strat to lawls

I will also be putting up a picture of my 88 burgundy Les paul which is basically a reg standard... its jsut some age:P

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I've got a couple really nice LP's my self.

07 Custom in Silverburst> This is my #1. It weighs a ton and sounds awesome. The most perfect LP I've laid eyes on. It's honestly the only LP I've ever seen where I can't find some kinda factory blemish.

95 Standard in Cherry Sunburst with a really nice plain top> This one is a considerably mellower guitar, but it still sounds great... Got it for $1000 flat

Also have an 08 MIA Strat, which I love playing. Strats become part of your body when you play them.

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