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Virgin Mary's


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Virgin Mary's

I thought this band deserved their own thread. I've seen them once and they're one of the best live acts iv seen. They're on a heavy touring schedule at the moment but they have just signed to a major record label and im sure the British press will bill them as the next big thing come the New Year. They're already highly regarded by the local Manchester music press and radio stations, and having heard most of their material i really can't see them failing to hit the big time.

Give this youtube link a listen and then check out there myspace

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NOT since Zeppelin threw in the towel in 1980 has there been a band as openly brilliant willing to grace the pages of rock and roll history. After all, who else could possibly have the charisma of Plant, the raw talent of Page and the un-inhibited passion of Bonham? Answer (maybe): Virginmarys. What other sound could contain the sheer vigour and adrenaline of this three piece metallic outfit while simultaneously maintaining a poetic undertone throughout each complex riff?

- Kate Ashton-Butler, City Life

“Of all the ‘future classics’ winning tracks since we launched back in May last year, the song ‘Brothers’by Virginmarys has without doubt been the track that has received the biggest reaction from our listeners and presenters alike. The first time I played it for consideration for our ‘Future Classics’ feature, the track ‘Brothers’ completely blew me away! The atmos, the way the track builds it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. How this band are unsigned is a complete mystery to me, they are the complete package.”

- Paul Anthony, 106.1 Rock Radio

“The Sunday service for Virginmarys does not include religious values, but is tribute to good old-fashioned, no nonsense rock. The guitar solos dance up and down the fret board; the vocals are gravelly and direct with the hair long and swung about. It’s a mountain shuddering effect, the reliable meat and two veg of rock delivered with gusto and style.”

- Manchester Music

“Virginmarys are meaty stuff; raw, intoxicating rock and roll in the finest traditions of the genre. Unmistakably transatlantic in their influences, there’s little wonder they go down so well. If they can deliver an album as energetic and free-wheeling as their demos suggest, they may well find America wants a piece of them too.”

- Chris Long BBC

I got the Virgin's album with a load of other stuff at the radio station, loved the band's name so I gave it a play. In my time at 106.1 Rock Radio they are the most original unsigned band I have heard. Great playing ability, songs, sound, image. In fact .................... they've got the lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Mike Sweeney 106.1 Rock Radio

A three-strong wall of noise that sounds like Motorhead bending Kings of Leon over a wall.

-David Patterson, Sandman Magazine

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Sounds ok but average. Maybe a live gig would convince me.

I've only managed to get to one gig so far (hopefully will see them again soon), without trying to oversell it i would say they're easily one of the best live acts iv seen.

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