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For What it's Worth


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Maybe I should have posted it up on the Trivia page with the name ... "How many out there defend or ridicule the use of recreational drugs?"

When I first looked at the headline I thought ..... "this is going to be good!" Then I started reading some of the reply's at the bottom of the page. Wow! What a bunch of wining little kid's! As I stated in the first post, I have my life style (as frugal and simple as it is) and I know that there are many others with the same or near the same as me out there. But there there are the one's with a live to party life style to, this would likely be the younger group's and yes, I was right there with you guy's (and gals) a few years ago.

Thing is, I feel for the reactions that have "guilt" and "state of denial" written all over them in many of the reply's I was reading. There was only one that gave any real rebuttal in a, "here's some information that you can truly use as a counter point to your study", and that reply was all neo-political in nature. One guy even suggested to stop smoking and start using the "safe way", I'm going to assume (if I may step out on a limb) he/she was referring to ingesting drug's. Oh brother! This guy must be stoned out of his freaking mind! You "still" get the harmful effect's of a drug "any" way you use it!

There is a "legitimate" argument that we all have different chemical make up's and some people get a different effect from a drug, and some get no effect from some drug's depending on your own body make up. I can a test to this, I've met many different people in my time and I've seen people that can party for day's strait and still be functional (to an extent) and known others who just hear about getting high and they go into a transformation like state. I think there is a physiological thing to this to but I'm not shrink so I can only go by my own experiences.

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