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This year's Cambridge Rock festival looking pretty good


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Cambridge Rock Festival 2009

Cambridge UK sorry not the one in the USA.

They could almost rename it the Cambridge Bonham Fest this year.

Deborah Bonham appears on the main stage on Saturday 8th and her nephew Jason plays with Airrace on Sunday.

Deborah is an amazing singer who like her big brother likes a drink or two.

She necks a couple of bottles of cheap whisky just to loosen up her vocal chords but boy can she hit it.

Jason can play the drums I think that's established. :rolleyes: #

Also on the bill for Saturday, Ray Owen's Juicy Lucy.

Juicy Lucy started out around the same time as Led Zeppelin but had a dickhead for a manager who sacked several members from the group right after their first hit "Who Do You Love" and destroyed the continuity that could have made them contenders to Led Zeppelin. Ray Owen was a part of that original line up has kept the Juicy Lucy fires burning through the years.

Thursday has Led Zep Too who I modestly believe are the best Zep tribute by a mile. ;)

Also confirmed

Asia original line up

Jefferson Starship

Barclay James Harvest



and loads more obviously.

Well worth the £85 for four days or £20 - £30 for individual day tickets.

I know I'm looking forward to it, as I will be on stage on Thursday and roadying on Saturday.

Just can't work out a plan to be around on Sunday so I can bump into Jason Bonham!

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Is this what used to be the Cambridge Folk Festival?

No, the Cambridge Folk Festival is still going strong as far as I know.

The Cambridge Rock festival started out as Rockin' Beer Fest. but since it always took place just outside Cambridge and focuses on Rock it seemed like a good idea to change it to the current name. Which it has bee for the alst three or four years I think.

It always has a mix of tributes such as to Led Zep Pink Floyd the Who etc, old bands that are either reformed or still going, such as Juicy Lucy, Focus, BJH and new original music from up and coming bands such as The Reasoning (superb prog rock band), and this year Karnataka and the fabulous JB3 who are a lot like the Jimi Hendrix experience broadly speaking.

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It just gets better and better.

Sons of Albion are playing the second stage on Sunday.

And I'm sure most people on here know that the singer is Logan Plant.

though I suspect the chances of an appearance from dad are slim to none.

At least, not mingling with the audience. :D Still one lives in hope. ;)

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