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Best British Indie Band

Hots on for nowhere

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sorry i had to put this in the zep polls area but i couldn't do it in the other bands area

anyways...i love all these guys...I love the Arctic Monkeys with their blahzay style take on the modern world...I love the Rascals with Miles Kane's awesome voice and his kind of spooky guitar tone...I love the Kooks with their Wonderful guitarist Hugh (dont konw his last name) and Luke Pritchar's great voice (i think i spellt his last name wrong)...I love the Last Shadow Puppets with their different sound from some of todays music by adding strings and their breif resemblence to the Beatles and their story telling songs...I love the Rifles with their nice simplicity and great catchy songs...I love the Wombats and their ability to make incredibly aquared situations into cheeful sounding songs...Not much of a Keiser Cheifs fan :( but they are british so i put them on the list

If i didnt make some of your favorites a choice I'm sorry :slapface: but please do tell me who they are so i can check them out :)

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