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    I come from the land of the ice and the snow. I wonder how many people say that?
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    Hanging out with friends, reading, writing, listening to music, playing music, ledzeppelin.com =D, anything that has to do with the history (class, channel, book, movie) none of these interests are in any specific order
  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday!

  2. eteRnal roaR secRecy eneRgy enoRmous teaRs (of joy) theRapy (for the ears) surReal surRounding 4th letters used P, K, F, M, Z, N, T, L, Q, B, U, X, D, C, G, S, R Next 4th letter: A
  3. I've read five. Just finished When Giants Walked the Earth, and I've never been really freaked out by Jimmy's occult workings before, it's always added to the awesome mystery that is the band Led Zeppelin, but for some reason when this book talked about his occult stuff, it kind of freaked me out.
  4. Over The Hills And Far Away B, L, A, B, B, N, S
  5. Hi everyone! I know this is kind of a weird thing to ask on this website, but I figured I might find someone here that could help me. I'm a junior in high school who is in the middle of my Juinor Research project (pretty big deal) and my teacher has just informed the class that we need at least 2 interviews in the project (yourself and someone else). I'm doing my project on Nietzsche and John Locke's (not the guy in Lost . I'm talking about the famous philosopher) views on freedom and what "real" freedom is. Now if anyone could answer about 10 to 12 questions on each of those philosophers
  6. I've had this Yardbirds live CD for a long time now. It's is called "The Yardbirds: Live at B.B. King Blues Club" and there is absolutely no information about who is actually playing in the band because i think it was recorded in 2004 (i'm not extremely sure about that) and I was wondering if anyone here knew the line up in the band for that show
  7. can someone please repost that thread about the file sharing assosiation and the anit-file sharing assosiation or what ever it was called becuase i need for school so much sorry if the title of the topic was a little misleading
  8. ok so i just started giving guitar lessons to one of my sisters friends who is in 7th grade and i was wondering if you guys could give me any song suggestions to teach (besides music theory stuff)...he already knows some stuff like where the frets are, the string names, and basic chords (G, C, A, E ect.) and he likes classic rock stuff too (favs: zeppelin, the beatles) any song suggestions will be nice thank you
  9. can someone post it again because of the 2 that are on here each one just says video had been removed by user :'(
  10. well i didnt meen actuall hidden noises i was just trying to type fast so i could go hide under my covers in my bed and that was the first word that came to mind...and yes i know that pretty much all of the backround noises said on this thread arent scary at all but i was really tired and like ally said "voices...i hear voices!!!"
  11. all i know is listening to all of these hidden noices at about a quarter to midnight was not a good idea for me i am freaking out right now
  12. thats a tough one because Led Zeppelin (the name) i think kind of took off (not literally, thats impossible )and became kind of its own thing...think about it when you hear the words "lead" "zeppelin" or "lead zeppelin" you dont think about giant blimps in the sky or an element you use in chemistry class the first thing that comes to mind is power yet grace, amazingness, pure music and enjoyment or you just say something in your mind like "man i wish i had my music right now so i could listen to led zeppelin," its like it became a "new word" with its own new meaning, but i think if they had we
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