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    Ingmar Bergman's movies, Kafka, Prague, baroque architecture, WWI & II, Archibald Rice, Astérix comics, and of course Led Zeppelin

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lena!

  2. Tool fan here. I love the length and ending of their songs. ... Zeppelin is better, though.
  3. Your time is gonna come. That was the easiest one. T, A, I, W, T, A, I
  4. Thanks Deb & Maja. Hilarious. Keep on rockin'!!
  5. Oh god. I understood something else. I thought they were shouting More! More! Well, off I go with my ''knowledge'' of Slavic languages...
  6. Epic. I've always loved that pic. Sick.
  7. Sadly, their face expressions don't show us what they were thinking of the song & dancing.
  8. That was an interesting wedding. And I'm proud to understand what the guests were shouting at the end of the clip.
  9. I just watched a video where a PETA investigator worked undercover in Covance primate lab, Virginia. It was a shocking, awful video, but I somehow managed to watch it until the end. I can't believe they tortured, mutilated and killed monkeys while listening to music. They acted like animals' life is not worth a penny; like animals don't have feelings and can only be viewed as objects. And you know what was one of the worst things? They listened Rock & Roll while killing animals.
  10. Of course. I'm funny as hell.
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