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    Ingmar Bergman's movies, Kafka, Prague, baroque architecture, WWI & II, Archibald Rice, Astérix comics, and of course Led Zeppelin

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lena!

  2. Tool fan here. I love the length and ending of their songs. ... Zeppelin is better, though.
  3. Thanks Deb & Maja. Hilarious. Keep on rockin'!!
  4. I just watched a video where a PETA investigator worked undercover in Covance primate lab, Virginia. It was a shocking, awful video, but I somehow managed to watch it until the end. I can't believe they tortured, mutilated and killed monkeys while listening to music. They acted like animals' life is not worth a penny; like animals don't have feelings and can only be viewed as objects. And you know what was one of the worst things? They listened Rock & Roll while killing animals.
  5. I've never been much of a G n'R fan. In fact, I dislike them and that's because people who listen to them always try to find a way to annoy me. I also can't stand Axl's personality, his voice and his attitude. And some of their overrated songs. Every teenage girl drooling over Axl makes me want to pull my hair. ...Velvet Revolver is much better though.
  6. I love Persona too! It left a deep trace on me. I am still trying to figure out the message it sends...Great to see there are people on here who share the same interests. :)

  7. I love Metallica! I haven't seen them live (YET! ). They came to Serbia in 2004 but I was too young to even know who they were. I prefer their older stuff; Ride the lightening is probably my favorite album. Favorite song(s)... The Call of Ktulu, To live is to die.
  8. I like Igmar Bergman movies too. My father introduced them to me. I just finally watched Persona for the very first time a few months ago and loved it. I think Bebe Andersson looks a lot like Jean Seberg in it.

  9. I found out that my best friend gets beaten up every day by her grandfather. I can't believe it. Why? This world is so cruel. I gave her a number of ''safe house'' and a hug. Although she'll need a whole lot more.
  10. Hi,

    Just noticed that you like Bergman films and I LOVE them too, my dad and I have just bought a 47 disk collection, and really enjoying them all.

    Do you have a fave? There are so many I love, but I really love 7th seal and Summer Interludes.

    Lucia xx

  11. Easily done =)

    Lucia xx

  12. I can't believe I forgot to add you as a friend all this time!!

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