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The Parlor Mob


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The Parlor Mob is a rock and roll band.

The band consists of guitarists Paul Ritchie and David Rosen, drummer Sam Bey, bassist Nicholas Villapiano, and vocalist Mark Melicia. Formed in 2004 in Red Bank, New Jersey, the group performed with great frequency around home and in nearby New York City. They self released an album shortly after, recorded at home in Red Bank. The music coupled with frantic live shows led to Roadrunner signing the band in the summer of 2007.

Many bands say Led Zeppelin as the greatest influence (Wolfmother, Jack White, etc), but I think "The Parlor Mob" is the closest to the sound of Led Zeppelin. I think fans of Led Zepp will like the band.

- http://www.myspace.com/theparlormob

- http://roadrunnerrecords.com/artists/ParlorMob

- http://lastfm.com/music/The+Parlor+Mob

Hard Times (official):

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Classic Rock

The Parlor Mob

And You Were A Crow (Roadrunner)

“How authentic you find The Parlor Mob probably depends as much on you as it does on them. For hard-nosed vintage Led Zeppelin fans they may come too close to the sacred cow. Those who enjoy this move towards taking the past and opening it up, however, will find them both exciting and comforting – which is quite a trick. They’re ballsy and brazen, but not cynical. And You Were A Crow is never entirely new, but it’s vivid and powerful and it demands attention.”

(Jon Hotten)

the band came to the awards of classic rock 2009, vote:


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