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Hi Everybody

The Zeppelin

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Hi from Okahoma.

Pretty excited to be here with people who know what music is. I get frustrated more evey day with the lack of knowledge of past music and now a days find comfort in my one hour guitar lesson with my Woodstock attendee guitar instructor.

Im 17 and youd be between a rock and a hard place to find soemone as big a Zeppelin fan as I am in my age demographic. I think music has gone down the crapper and the actualy ideal of what music is has gone the same direction. It saddens me that really all it takes are connections and a pretty face to be famous in this day and age.

Jimmy Page is my fav obviously from my avatar. I dont think there is anyone out there who can effectively combine folk, rock, and blues in such a balance to make songs beautiful like he did. Zoso is my idol basically and most of my friends know that to get me started you just have to say "(Blank) was better than Jimmy Page".

I first heard Zeppelin from my dad when I was four, he showed me Rock and Roll and I thought it was a pretty good song. I wasnt that into music around that time. I knew of bands but I never made distinction between the old and new. Around 12 I started to play guitar and apprciate what older music was and how it actually took skill to play. Later I dsicvoered the soul someone must have to be a great guitarist, which is what got me started on being a big Zoso and BB King fan. Kinda sad I never got to see them live, scratch that, massively sad never got to see them live. Iv spent more money than I can think of buying videos and albums and studio recording trying to catch up on the years Iv missed out on.

Fav Zeppelin song is Stairway obviously but after that Since Iv Been Loving you, Tangerine, I Cant Quit You Baby and All Of My Love are close behind. I dont really think there is a bad Zepp song, of course Id rather hear Tangerine than Dancing Days but all their songs were good. Led Zeppelin II is my favorite album just because of all the blues they integrated into those songs.

Well thats me basically and Im excited to be on here with you all.

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