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2007: Stairway to Heaven


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On my drive to work after listening to the start of the Paris show, it got me thinking how this is one of the best years for Zep fans in ages.

1. Southampton finally appears and in immaculate quality.

2. New Robert Plant/Allison Krauss album.

3. TSRTS remastered, re-released and shown on the big screen again.

4. Another Landover board.

5. Mothership

6. This amazing Paris '69 show finally unearthed.

And to cap off '07

7. Zeppelin reunion at O2.

Plus there were 4/25/77 Kentucky, 1st gen reels from 4/27/77 Cleveland, 5/25/75 Earls Court full video and 1/5/69 Whiskey A Go-Go.

What all am I forgetting? I know there's more. What made this year special for you, fellow ZepHeads?

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