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  1. Been having the same issues. See message at top: “Webmaster please contact Hostgator.com”
  2. First I heard/taped: BBC sessions from '69 and '71 from a radio station. Still have that tape. First (of many) I bought: Coming Back On The Murder Stage - 4/27/77 in Cleveland.
  3. FYI, Southampton was a multi-track recording by the band, not a soundboard made by a bootlegger.
  4. Blaster, I could be wrong but that swatch could be correlated to the flame on the lit match. The frame on the left does not have a lit match, so I believe we are to think it was just before the match was struck. Thorgerson's Web site is fantastic, Aspensound. It'd been quite a while since I looked at it, thanks for the refresher. I missed him speaking in Chicago a few years ago and was very disappointed.
  5. What does he care? He's just one of the out-of-focus guys
  6. Great story and detail! SO .... just how good was it seeing that San Diego show? I saw NickZepp posted that one right away as an underappreciated one, and I fully agree - that S.D. show might even be the best from that blistering leg of the tour (though I'll always have a soft part in my heart for the last show in L.A.).
  7. Let me start this by saying I'm re-listening to Salt Lake City 73, and as curt as the band is and as much as you can tell they'd rather be in LA (i.e. no WLL medley)....whoa, they are musically at their peak!!! I've said how much I love the end of the first leg of that tour, but this show is to me one of the shining examples of why Peter Grant contacted the film crew to join up with the band on the second leg. Plant's not overdoing it, so vocally he's cooking, and the band is as tight as ever. Not to mention, the quality of the soundboard recording is to die for. I've got a bunch more, but what shows do you think don't get their just due?
  8. Why did you just post a story from January 10?
  9. Also, Best Buy does sell non-USB turntables as well. The selection, obviously, is very limited.
  10. I collect the search function: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?s...hl=collectibles
  11. Photo from this gig is in Dave Lewis' The Concert File. However, setlist info is minimal and no recording is known to exist.
  12. Spats, where have you gone man? What a shame. :(

  13. Hey dude, we miss you up in here. Everything that manderz said. All but the XOXO. Man-hugs all around, bro. Stay strong!

  14. I can be witty, and I can be glib. I can be sassy, and I can be introspective. But I've really only got one thought in mind right now -- :(

    Miss you Knebby!

  15. May the road rise to meet you, Hermit. Your presence is deeply missed!

  16. solar

    Stay strong through the oppression, Mona!

  17. I believe Ritchie has returned to his native Australia http://www.ritchieyorke.com/index.php?node...&pagesid=72. And yes, he has traveled extensively with the band and was widely considered one of the first mainstream rock writers to "get" what Led Zeppelin was attempting musically. My point, though, was more that he was not a bass player and wouldn't have had the band's confidence to join them on stage. I believe deluxe caught the error in his misreading of the poor parenthetical quoting which Yorke wrote in that Phil Carson quote. The parentheses inside the quote marks were Carson's words, while those outside the quotes were Yorke's.
  18. Another note on Phil Carson - He did serve as creator and exec producer for 2001's Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records disc, which featured Page/Plant and was released on Atlantic. However, at that point, a story from the Boston Globe also says that Carson was still an executive for JVC's Victory Records. http://www.biwa.ne.jp/~presley/elnews177.htm (scroll down to the story "Sun tribute CD makes legendary founder beam" by Steve Morse, Oct. 27, 2001) And a quick bio from Chris Welch's 2003 book "Closer to the Edge: The Story of Yes"
  19. Here's plenty of confirmation, Steve The press release for the second album from Bowie's Tin Machine: http://www.bowiewonderworld.com/presso.htm He also was managing Motorhead in 1991 for their album "1916" http://www.mf-b.ru/disks/md-1916-eng.php And Yes for their 1991 tour: http://www.forgottenyesterdays.com/graphic...r=2&gid=759 Also, Phil worked with Jason Bonham in 1996: http://www.oldbuckeye.com/jason.txt
  20. Also, I can not find this information you quoted on p. 67 of my copy of Yorke's "Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography" -- which is Chapter 3: The Launching of Led Zeppelin -- and no mention in the section covering the Japanese tour. Cole's book says Phil Carson was who joined them on bass, which makes more sense as Carson had played bass for Dusty Springfield and Ritchie Yorke was a Canadian journalist for the Toronto Globe & Mail. Dave Lewis' The Concert File also lists it as being Phil Carson on bass, not Yorke. Lewis quoting Carson: "We had a good relationship and I got to jam with them on stage quite a lot. John Paul Jones would play keyboards, I would be on bass guitar and we would sail through seven or eight old rock songs. It was great. ... They did lean toward things I would be most comfortable with! Eddie Cochran songs were very high uop on my list for playing. Normally we played 'C'Mon Everybody' and old Elvis things like 'Blue Suede Shoes' and Johnny Kidd & the Pirates' "Shaking All Over.' It was great fun."
  21. Just wanted to make sure SteveAJones' misinformation about Phil Carson's current whereabouts is not perpetuated into assumed fact here, as many assume his posts as 100 percent accurate 100 percent of the time. As Nine Lives posted, this is what Phil's been up to the last 15-20 years: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?s...308&st=280#
  22. Any reason you quoted Steve's post with wrong information in it? FWIW, from Richard Cole in "Stairway To Heaven" about Carson: He then goes on to regale us of stories about Phil Carson being the butt of practical jokes and then, er, his other attributes. I'll leave it at that.
  23. solar

    A spot among the pantheon of martyrs is yours, kindly brave soul. Excelsior! Keep up your excellent work with street gangs and thuggery. Society needs more Magic Sams!

  24. Knebby, your insight and years of service to the Zeppelin community are so deeply appreciated! You truly are a beacon of light in a destitute world of acrimony. And without you, this site is all the more sad and pathetic!

  25. Did Ray Manzarek attept to play Carouselambra? Like I said, Jones did it for numerous other songs live (STH, Trampled, No Quarter, MMH/SIBLY). But they clearly didn't work out that song live for Tour Over Europe for one reason or another (too tough to play the bass lines/keys at the same time? too long for the scaled-down, streamlined setlist?).
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