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Does Page think Hendrix is the best guitarist ever?


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even if i deeply admire jimmy for his great job with zepp over the years,i have to admit that jimi is my favorite musician.i adore zepp and i was really excited the period when there was circulating the voice of the reunion,i was so happy while thinking of being on a concert,but unfortunately it didn't happen...sad.gif(...i was so obsessed with the guys that every day when waking up,the first things i would look a the internet were ''led zeppelin news'' smile.gif...this period lasted for over an year and i was really deeply disappointed when robert said that he would continue his career with alison...i know that might sound silly and stupid..but it made feel really bad and in some moments i felt very hurt..my marks at school were going down...but the only thing i was thinking about was that the f****** reunion!!!!!!!it's maybe because i was young but it was like an offence to me and that's because i RE-started being obsessed with Hendrix.

i didn't want to listen zepp because i would always start to cry because of the missed concert...but jimi was always there with me....when i listen bold as love i fell as he wants to comfort me...talking to me as to a friend.jimi 's music was my island and it helped me a lot.

actually i was introduced to rock listening jimi and that's why he still remains the God for me.

i know that this story might be boring because written by a girl who actually doesn't know the techniques of those musicians and can't give a ''musical'' comment,but i wanted to write this post because it comes from the heart and just wanted to say that BOTH OF THEM ARE AMAZING ARTISTS WHO BRING BEAUTIFUL EMOTIONS AND THEY CANNOT BE RANGED ON A TOP LIST BECAUSE EVERYONE OF THEM IS A PARTICULAR ANGEL WHO WILL BE REMEMBERED FOREVER AND THE ONLY THING WE CAN DO IS TO SHARE THEIR MUSIC AND MAKE THEM ETERNAL.

I enjoyed that post.

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