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Ringo Turns 70

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Happy Birthday to Ringo! Peace and Love!peace.gif

I am going to see Ringo and his All-Starr Band on Friday in Cinci.

Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Gary Wright ("Dream Weaver") , Richard Page, Wally Palmer, and Gregg Bissonette are in the band. I have to go to see Edgar and Rick so I can relive my first concert ever!

The bombings in London were such a tragedy, and this is a sad anniversary. You never know when and where the terrorists are going to attack. They seem to target our freedoms of mobility and the ease of travel and transportation that we enjoy in our free societies. My condolences to all of those who were affected on that tragic day.

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There was once this band called "The Beatles". LOL.

I just saw Ringo last Saturday Night at The Caesars Maximus Theatre in Atlantic City, NJ.

I was thirteenth row on the side and got alot of the show on video. I'll be uploading tonight the next few days and will update with links when they're ready.

Buckeye - again we see the same show. We have got to get together one day. I see you're at the show as I'm posting this. Lucky you. Hope you are having a blast. What an amazing show saturday was. ringo does look kabsolutely amazing for 70. He is alot of fun to watch onstage...just knowing he's a beatle.and the funny one at that. He has with him this year the lead singer of the Romantics, Wally Palma, the lead singer and bassist from Mr Mr, a Mr Richard Page, as well as the one and only Edgar Winter, Gary Wright, Greg Bissonnette on drums and Rick Derringer on lead guitar.

when you take the best two songs from each of the bands that all of the above are in and pack it into one concert it makes for a very amazing night. Hopefully Buckeye got a setlist. At the AC show one of the roadies comes out seconds after the lights comes ona nd grabs all of the setlists and takes them in the back. Bummer. I could rattle off quite a few but the highlights were definitely Yellow Submarine(Yes, I guess I do have some dork in me), Frankenstein was just simply amazing with Edgar Winter going from keyboards to horns to drums all in one song...and I've got it all on killer HD video. The other highlight for me was Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo. Rick Derringer totally smoked this one. He does make that guitar sing, and topped it off with an absolutely smoking solo at the end of the song showcasing his love for the guitar. That will be up soon also.

If anyone gets a chance to see it live you should. It really is a great show. Lighting, sound, star studded musicians with great tunes, it's got it all.

If you can't see it live, I'll soon have links up that are outstanding quality.

Rock On!

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