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Blues Jam

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A few people that know me from this site know that I play bass and sing in a rock trio. I used to play drums (15 years ago) but the other night I had the urge to play them again when I was in a Blues Club in New Orleans called Hwy 61 . I jumped on the set for a few songs. I know the house band that plays at this club (drummer and bass player) which are old friends of mine. I took over the drum stool in this clip. The original house drummer told me afterwards that he liked the way I played but that I was a little over the top and I sounded too much like John Bonham for such bluesy songs. (I guess I can't help my influences) I didn't know if I should take it as critisism or a compliment. My reply back to him was "we'll I don't claim to be a drummer, I'm a bass player....but thanks". I thought I did pretty good myself..the blues is all about feel. Anyway heres two cool jams we did called Dirty Dishes from Albert Collins and Cissy Strut from The Meters. Enjoy

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