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  1. Bottom line. 1.Everything is a risk, whatever you chose. 2. There is an uncertaintly, either way 3. Politics don't help in making a rational decision
  2. Regardless of footage seen or unseen, can anyone here really complain about an official release authorized by the band, the first of its kind? There has always been talk of 3 shows pro-shot from the 77' tour. Pontiac being one, with the largest indoor crowd recorded at that time. Seattle 7-17-77, the one most have seen and Houston from what I have read. I think it is a matter of what audio or video footage is worth releasing, in terms of quality and performance, not so much a lack of material. A Live compilation album was considered even when they were still a band but they could not agree on the material to use. Whether this is what was used in 2003, not sure. Just Be Happy - this film should bring you joy
  3. Interesting interview on Bonhams influence and mark left on Cozy Powell https://sites.google.com/site/powellitepalace/home/cozy-talks/interviews/the-lost-interview
  4. Boy, ya'll are a bunch of miserable, whiney ass people. Almost every comment is a complaint (about Dave Grohl) And the book hasn't even been released yet. It's just a forward people, relax.
  5. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/first-ever-john-bonham-biography-to-include-foreword-by-dave-grohl/
  6. Any news on the release date of the official Zeppelin documentary that was supposed to be released in 2019? I remember listening to audio clips from Page and Plant in May of last year about it's progress and the director of the project. It was initially said to be released in 2019 as a 50th Anniversary celebration, and then in the months to follow all the buzz/news fell silent.
  7. Greetings - it has been a long time This was a hot Topic to generate excitement in May of last year and now nothing in terms of a release date, progress, etc. Anyone?
  8. Enjoy listening to Robert Plant talk about his travels and the stories behind these selected tracks. Always intetesting
  9. I'm surprised Jason Bonham didn't inherit it in some way, or try and bargain it back. he was/is a fan of motor cross so the interest in bikes is there-and it was his dad's
  10. Let em say what they will....I happen to like Ratt - A Lot. Music is subjective, just as Led Zeppelin might not appeal to some. I despised hair metal in the 80's but Ratt stood out to me as being better than the rest of those type of bands. Better than Motley Crue, Poison, Warrent, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and the whole list. They had such a sound that I like to call Sleeze metal because most of the tunes were about sex, women, etc and they all had that killer sleezy riff that carried the song. For that genre there is none better. I saw them in New Orleans a few years back and it was a tight show. I enjoyed it. And DiMartini is a hell of a player. He wasn't just flash. There were melody and feel in his solos. He's also on the upcoming Jeff Beck tribute album, so the guy can play a little
  11. This is an argument between music critics. musicians, music fans, etc. that will always be. Much like anything else, it boils down to Opinion, Style and Taste. Some like it fast, for which they resort to players of that nature. Some like SRV for his fast blues style. Some like technical players, etc etc. But to me, Page was in another leaque and world. He incorporated 1,000 guitar players in one. For his influences spread far and wide. More so than any player of his generation and beyond. He's not the fastest, or the cleanest or the most technical - but he embraces an approach and way of playing unlike any other.
  12. My wife and I went and saw Rush on May 22nd here in NOLA. It was my 8th time seeing them and our 4th time together. It was the most ( and only) disappointing Rush show I've been too, in terms of sound quality. It was horrible. Some friends sitting in different sections shared the same experience. The Arena (newly named the "Smoothie King Arena) isn't set up for concerts. It's a fucking sports Arena, so there ya go. UNO Lakefront Arena, was and still is a fabulous place for concerts. Also, they seemed to me to be going through the motions. Not much chatter with the audience at all between songs, and the set list hasn't veered much in 7-8 years. If I never hear Tom Sawyer, Closer to the Heart or Working Man (live) ever again, I'd be fine with that. It was great to be there but it was sort of a let down. I think this will be my last time seeing them, even if they tour again at some point.
  13. I think Walter's Walk woulda been something special with a better mix. The guitars are a little low for me and the bass isn't very recognizable, in a cut through sense.
  14. If you don't like Carouselambra, Celebration Day or Out on the Tiles, we can't connect
  15. Best post on this topic, sir! I agree 100% Although, I wouldn't say folks in general haven't heard of Satriani, etc, it's just that none of their solos were memorable enough to recount, hum, etc. They were 80% flash, which to me is just throw away notes if they are not put into any sort of context or melody.
  16. You are right. I've never heard Peart mention Bonham in interviews. If I had to guess (yet there's no way of ever knowing) Neil wasn't on Bonhams favorite list, simply because of his overkill playing style. Peart was a machine drummer, not exactly one that played off of emotion and feel. Not saying he had none, but with Rush music in general, there isn't much space for the music to breathe. Think of how much more soulful and groovy Rush would have been with a drummer like Bonham...then again, it wouldn't be Rush. I do know that he liked several New Orleans based/style drummers. You can hear that influence in some of the later records....from Presence onward. And also on things like Poor Tom.
  17. Matt Cameron from Soundgarden was also listed (along with Ringo and a few others) as a guest at Jimmy's dinner party recently.... While it's all just speculation at this point, if he does collaborate with Cornell, Matt Cameron may be a candidate as well...who knows. He might do something with none of the above.
  18. General question: Anyone ever hear a reason or reasons WHY there were two drummers involved? I'd like to know. Was is a statement (by saying it takes two to equal John Bonham)? Was it a case of just throwing it together and both drummers being asked without being aware of another drummer? Or, something quite different?
  19. There are a lot of people including myself that felt that the "Van Hagar" era was better in some ways. Many people refer to that era as such (even though it sounds goofy) it's the reality of reference. I don't think he was mocking himself so much as he was pointing out how his time with VH is referred to by fans and critics alike. Musically speaking, the "Van Hagar" era had a good number of well written songs and a more mature approach to song writing in general. The 5150 album is one of Van Halen's finest moments through and through. Like it or not, they wrote good music together. Diamond Dave was a complete showman. Hagar was a better vocalist. I know there are many threads on this topic (who's the favorite) so I'm trying not to go there, but your comment sparked a need to engage.
  20. From the signature triplets, to the inimitable right foot, to the larger than life trademark "sound". The all around drummer. With incredible technique, infectious groove, finesse, power, dynamics and musicality. Never overplaying or underplaying a song. He was and still is the ultimate.
  21. His guitar work and legacy is in jeopardy (in your opinion) over one guitar phrase/solo?
  22. The first change (break) @ 36-46 seconds - repeated again @ 1:09 sounds like something from the Dazed And Confused jam from TSRTS
  23. All I know is, I've given a listen to Taurus - with an open mind. Besides three or four similar notes, it sounds nothing like Stairway To Heaven. It's pretty much impossible to write such a lengthy piece of intricate music from a mere three note similarity. Sadly, bandwagon Led Zep haters will use this as another example, why Zeppelin is a fraud. Isn't it pityful to think that way, and deprive yourself of such great music- over ignorance? Good luck to Page and Co.
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