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The Beatles In Italy


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IMG00115.jpg front

IMG00085.jpg Back side

IMG00087.jpg inside

Sorry, not the best pictures, I am looking for information about this album called "Beatles In Italy". It's an EMI release, printed in Holland. Thanks in advance.

Side 1:

1. Long Tall Sally

2. She's A Woman

3. Matchbox

4. From Me To You

5. I Want To Hold Your Hand

6. Ticket To Ride

Side 2:

1. This Boy

2. Slow Down

3. I Call Your Name

4. Thank You Girl

5. Yes It Is

6. I Feel Fine

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However informative and interesting that information provided by Wikipedia is, I've been led to believe that that source is to be met with skepticism or basically ignored by the pseudo-intellectual society that professes such scrutiny of a site that allows the common man to contribute to.How could a responsibly run internet site allow such a thing?That said, I believe that this album may in fact be "live", disbelieving a scandelously spurious contribution from who knows who. The claim, "It's not really a live album", must be scoffed at by anyone with superior knowledge who dismisses Wikipedia's asserted facts.This is in no way denouncing your contribution Bong-Man, it's just warning those who might read about it, that it may be entirely fabricated.Can we have a defense for Wikipedia and confirmation of it's information about this album or shall we hear from skeptics who may reside at this board?Is it bullshit or not?

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