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Searching for a interview


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Haven't found anything except a couple comments from Blackmore about Page...


In a 1973 interview, Blackmore didn't refute Page's claims to having played on many recordings, but stated that Page played rhythm guitar in some instances. One specific example Blackmore cited was "The Crying Game," in which Jimmy Page played rhythm guitar, while the lead guitar part was taken by Big Jim Sullivan. The lead guitar part was a "reading part," a skill possessed by Big Jim Sullivan but not Jimmy Page, apparently.


This from Guitar World.com (Mar 30, 2009):

GW Many electric guitar players express an attraction to reed instruments and brass because the sound is produced by the breath, which enables one to achieve much greater sustain than that of a vibrating string.

BLACKMORE That's very true. Jimmy Page told me once that he based many of his solos on sax solos, and, of course, therein lies the attraction to distortion. It is usually accompanied by increased sustain.

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