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Hello there!


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So yeah, I've been crazy on Zeppelin for years. 17 young & got myself into them. Been on the 'Planet Zeppelin' forum since 08', but it's recentley been shut down, so I've decided to join a new Zepp forum :)

Had the absolute pleasure of being able to witness Percy live late last year with BOJ in the Liverpool Olympia. Fantastic show! Hopefully this year Pagey might give us some of this music he's been promising for decades! tongue.gif

I best get the Zepp ice breakers out the way anyway;

Favourite member - Jimmy

Favourite songs (In no order) - GTBT, Rock N Roll, Ten Years Gone, Bron/Stomp, Communication Breakdown, HMMT, HOTH..F**k! I could go on all day

Favourie Album - Complete coin toss between Led Zeppelin (I) & PG

Favourite Boots - Whisky, Listen to this Eddie, Houston Dragon Snake, Albert Hall, Filmore West 69'

Favourite Book - Hammer of the Gods (I know it's not all true, but it makes a pretty good fiction read either way!)

Anyway, Hope y'all doing well & I'll be sure to speak to you soon

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Hi Luke,

Welcome to the site.

Nice choices on your favorite songs!

You forgot The Rain Song and No Quarter though (sorry, I'm always plugging HOTH). :)

Anyhow, lots of stuff to read and great photos to check out here. And bonus, the navigation is super easy too.

What more could you ask for, right? :) ................missy

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