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I now understand why the June 3, 1977 Tampa show rained out


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But not for why you might, at first, think.

OK, so we're riding home in my truck just now and my son wanted to jam Achilles' Last Stand (one of his favorite songs), so we did.

As I listened to it, I was thinking about how incredibly awesome it must have been live.

So when I got home, I pulled out my treasured Led Zeppelin 2 DVD set and queued up ALS at Knebworth (although I had to let the Immigrant Song opening play all the way through).

Anyway, it's been awhile since I watched it, so it felt good.

My impression from watching it was as follows:

First off, John Bonham was a fucking machine.

Seriously, he's like this mountain of drumming awesomeness, immovable and relentless.

Second, and more importantly, I came to realize why the one Led Zeppelin show I ever got to see was shortened by the infamous thunderstorm.

If that concert had continued unabated and uninterrupted by on-high, I surely would have perished from the intensity.

Without a doubt, my head would have asploded by the time Achilles' Last Stand was finished, if not in the very midst of it.

Because sitting here watching it on my computer 37 years later, my pulse was pounding, heart racing and face flushed as it builds up steam and keeps pounding away at the very core of my soul.

So yeah, I guess I'm lucky that show was for only 3 songs.

Thank you, O random thunderstorm, for saving my life.

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