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BBC link with video clip of Black Dog from Last night 12/10/07

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Did anyone see this....

Video Clip of Black Dog....from last nights show! Here's the link with review from BBC:


Sounds good considering they're age and past short musical gathers over the years!

Jason well...he's just an amazing musician! I was lucky enough to catch him with the "In Name Of My Father" Tour about 10 years back in NY before he sobered up! Amazing moment at 3:30am in the morning after the bachelor party he was at in NYC...he played a gig after that with his band The Jason Bonham Band covering all the Zeppelin favorites! He even signed my Song Remains the Same T-shirt after the gig! Thanks Jason! He had the sticks then and he sure has them now!...without chemicals getting in the way!

Cheers to All the members...Thank you for putting in out there one last time! I dearly hope they will all consider doing a tour for all of us fans that were no able to make it to London because of the very very limited number of tickets! We can only hope...til they decide what's next!

Thank YOU!!!!! LED ZEPPELIN for the Timeless Musical Masterpieces!!!! :D

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This is the best we got! real camera feed with soundboard audio, how BBC pulled this off is beyound me, just think they probably have the whole show and a few lucky employee's have seen it all and are sworn to secretcy, and they cut a 1 min clip for us to enjoy.

Last night at 7:50pm eastern usa the BBC world channel had this on, got my wound up fer sure!

Also a good copy of it all on Dime.

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