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I need your help regarding a PA system


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I need your help regarding a PA system. Several musician friends have highly recommended me getting a Fishman Acoustic PA system. It is very portable and lightweight (great for gigging). My only challenge is that my job was recently eliminated, so I have been gigging this summer (some places have PAs and some do not).

Can you help me?


Please vote for me in the Fishman Acoustic Challenge. I'm currently # 10, but the competition is fierce.

The top 15 will compete for a Fishman PA system in October, in Atlanta. This will be very handy for future solo electric/acoustic shows. Please share this with friends. One email address per entry, but if you have multiple email addresses, please vote from each of them, if you can. :)

For your help, please feel free to download and listen to my newest CD, Hopes & Dreams. It's also available for purchase (as well as two of my three previous releases).


Thanks again for your help and time,

R B)

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