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And the band played on.


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The Titanic disaster made many heroes, some remained below decks, keeping lights burning and steam flowing, others stepped back so that a stranger might live. Many sacrificed their lives on that night, we may never know who they were or how they met their ends, however a small group of men led by example, their efforts calming those around them, their contribution of incalculable value. These were the men of the orchestra of the Titanic.

Wallace Hartley.

W. Theodore Brailey.

Roger Bricoux.

John Frederick P. Clarke.

John Law Hume.

Georges Krins.

Percy C. Taylor.

J. Wesley Woodward.

History was made on the night of April 14 1912, when Wallace and his fellows picked up their instruments and proceeded to play their last music together as the passengers took to the lifeboats of the ill fated ship. Their last piece is shrouded in legend as the ship sank beneath the waves. It is known that Wallace had said that if he had been on a sinking ship he would do no better than to play "Nearer My God To Thee" or "Oh God Our Help in Ages Past."

The body of Wallace Hartley was recovered from the Atlantic by the Mackay-Bennett, He was wearing an evening suit with green facings and a brown overcoat. Strapped to his body was his music box and in his pockets, amongst other things, was a gold fountain pen with his initials W.H.H.


This is not to detract from the many other heroic acts that night and early morning...

...it is merely to highlight the quiet steely resolve of eight musicians in particular,and the strength they showed,and surely provided.


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