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Funny/Hilarious album covers/bands

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I had to start this topic on account of an album that caught my eye today (Record Store Day)

My wife and I went to a few shops and she showed me this one pictured below.

If this ain't GREAT, I don't know what is.......you gotta love it!

Please post anything of this nature here. It's worth a good laugh. Thanks in advance.



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bought this one back in the day,.............and a copy of it still hangs in my basement,,,,,,,,,,

you know..........next to "leddy's" stuff


tried to play it for me lil aussie blow up girl on our wedding day

but she'd have nun of it........she was scared n stuff

what with me havin a needle dick n all..................

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^ I think at least half of Zappa's albums could be posted here, so I'm not all that surprised to see this....Thanks for contributing though.

that's mighty white of ya........and lord knows i do like to contribute.........


my sister julie on the left

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I've just got to add this one, it's a classic ... of some sort or another.

The 2nd and 3rd images are just there as a reminder of where Pat came from and where Pat went to!



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