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Another song by JOSEPH FERRANTE


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We first came to you talking about the ¨Hey Jude¨ of Joseph Ferrante.

This time we want to draw your attention to another song by Joseph Ferrante.

It is called ¨Here comes a brand new day¨

It is made in a Classic Rock fashion, with the same fast guitar of Joseph Ferrante, but this time on an electric guitar.

Used to be a 60 seconds preview. Now we made it full for you (same as Hey Jude)

You can listen to it going to:


(You can also download these tracks, should you want to have them. It is a free download especially for you)

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Spam from the same untalented nitwit that spammed this place before.

What does the rest of the world think of mister F?

"I ran across this moron when I was working in radio and he regularly spammed radio stations with his rambling diatribe and amazingly awful music. I have to tell you that we had great fun listening to his “music” when we were partying. It’s just bloody awful. If he put as much effort into his career as he did into pandering the same old tired “conspiracy” shit he might actually get somewhere. BTW Joe babe, it wasn’t John, Paul, George and Ringo who torpedoed your career. It was Elvis working with aliens from the 9th dimension. Of course being a graduated elightened piano tuner you probably already knew that."





This last one is quite funny actually, since the spammer claims that Mister Ferrante is actually "the 5th Beatle" and "the real king of pop"


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