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Need Help Identifying and Replacing Two Boots Please

Dallas Knebs

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can't find two of the ones I bought in the early '80s

1. baby blue LP I think it was labeled "Tight But Loose"

2. white LP I think it was labeled "Up the Down Staircase"

went through some of the exhaustive lists and catalogs and did not find these exactly. If any of you walking breathing LZ wiki folk can lend a hand I will be greatly appreciative.

#1 has Communication Breakdown and Whole Lotta Love on it, Plant said, "We're gonna get a little looser now- how do you feel..??? A little looser ????" And Page tears into WLL.

#2 has That's the Way and Going to California back to back and the vocals are strong. I thought it was the first show in the Kingdome. Didn't find the exact match unless I missed it.


Who has the ministry of helps stirred up in them??? Please and thank you.

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For #1 I found these vinyl copies of "Tight but Loose":



As for #2...they only played the Seattle Kingdome once and that was in 1977. No That's the Way on the setlist that year. Something about the way you describe the clearness of That's the Way followed by Going to California suggests to me that it might be one of the many issues of the Sept. 14, 1971 Berkeley show commonly referred to as the "Goint to California" bootleg.

I'll try to investigate further when I have more time.

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thank you Strider, as always.

the link on the first one has the title I remember, it does not have the correct Plantations, nor WLL. In the intro to Communication Breakdown Page does a solo that includes the chorus chords of Out on the Tiles then launches into CB.


Anyone know this one.... help appreciated.

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