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New album I've been working on..

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So, I'm working on another album, which when finished, will be my fourth. I haven't officially released the first three anywhere, but I have a small group of people who listen to and enjoy my work.

My new album though, is a little strange...taking cues from Lou Reed, and some avant garde artists, I have crafted the idea for this album (it's a concept album of course). Here's the concept:

I have been taking some Architecture classes recently, and in one of them, is a guy named Cramer. My new album is made up entirely of songs sang in falsetto, about Cramer. Here's where it gets weirder: The songs aren't abot Crammeras a person, but what he embodies and represents, such as love, anger, peace, the universe and every emotion, the things which make up this thing we call "Cramer"...

The music and lyrics will be very reminiscent of Lou Reed's musical style, except of course, these songs will be sang in varying pitches of falsetto, and have little instrumentation.

This might not make any sense how I've explained it..but, if you need more explanation, I'll be happy to oblige.

Later tonight, I may post the lyrics to one of the songs on the album, the song is called "His Brother Was a Bomb", if I feel like it..

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The lyrics to "His Brother Was a Bomb"

Cramer strummed his guitar, packed it up and left his room,

took it down to the pawn shop, traded it for a jar of shrooms,

He took a trip, took a trip

- To Iraq, where he sat, looking out at the sea next to a tomb

But he was hit by a bomb

The bomb came out of his mothers womb

His brother was a bomb,

Yeah, Cramer's brother was a bomb.

His dad yelled and screamed at the shock of it all

Called Errol Flynn up said 'you dropped the ball,

your security team is fired, get the hell out'

Shyness was the dream that Cramer's brother lived,

being born as a tool of destruction,

Can really do wonders to a guy..

Cramer continued his career as a Jupiter,

sang about tunes to the mom of a comforter

Couldn't make words cause of commies and neo-cons,

sweet sweet release from his dick on their lawns

Iraq was a mess, they cried to the Son,

who looked down from his temple and said "that was fun.,

Well, before they sold out from their head and gun'

The brother, the bomb, the scissors, the plan,

was coming all down to rape all the land..

Sleep silently child, don't let it get wasted

Cramer's trance-i-ful strumming was annoying the neighbors,

who called the police and brought along Jim Nabors,

to the policeman's balls, but it was cancelled,

because they couldn't find any.

The bomb ravaged Cramer like sand in a shoe

He wanted pop standards

to run out the country

He came down off the plane and ran downstairs to Dante

who cried on his shoulder...

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