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I've just found 3 interesting Zep articles in mags I found !

joe (Liverpool)

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I was rummaging through some stuff and I came across 3 magazines that were quite interesting, the first one is called RCD there is no date on it just Vol1 No2.In it there is a 7 page article and pictures of Led Zeppelin and Matt Resnicoff talks to Jimmy page, and Dave Lewis analyses concerts considered turning points in Zeppelins career, these are according to him,Royal Albert Hall; June 29 1969, Wembley Empire Pool;November 21 1971,Tampa Stadium Florida;May 5 1973, Earls Court London;May 24 1975,Olympichalle Munich;July 5 1980.It also contains the usual Discography and a list of Bootleg CDs.

The second magazine is Rolling Stone of September 20th 1990. It is entitled "The Seventies" and contains a 5 page interview with Plant and Page and a few pictures thrown in.

The third one is Q from December 1990 it has a full page colour advert for Remasters "2 CD,2 Cassette 3 LP".Then there is a 5 page interview with Plant and Page entitled "Apocalypse then" on various aspects of their career, there is also a quote from Robert abot Led Zeppelin "Just good time boys,loved by their fans, hated by their critics". Overall they make interesting reading and it was good to read the other articles from the groups of that time. Overall a great visit down memory lane. Robert also calls Led Zeppelin III The Cottage Album, I've never heard that expression before, I know where it was conceived but not what they called it themselves.I might just go through the mags again. Ther is also a large article on The Eagles which looks good.

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