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John McLaughlin

boogie woogie

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It's been a while since I've heard John McLaughlin play. I didn't see a thread for John McLaughlin solo. I could definitely see Page doing his own thing with various types of acoustic fusion. Just wanted to share this video I stumbled on.

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BTW, I saw a show of that tour back then in Montréal

Awesome. What type of venue did you see him in? How was the concert? Anything in particular stand out about the concert?

When I was saying I haven't seen him play for a while. I was thinking more in terms of I haven't heard his music for a while. I do have a Clapton crossroads DVD with John McLaughlin . I've always admired him but only heard his music here and there .

I did see him play in the 80s in a duo. from reading Wikipedia this would've been between 85 to 87. It was a small club, maybe a hundred people. We didn't have great seats. But I saw a lot and heard even more. As you can imagine it was spectacular.

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In my eyes John McLaughlin is one of the BEST guitar players of ALL TIME in ALL THE GANRES!

Though if we're talking particularly about fusion... he IS the best!

If you haven't heard anything about em, do yourself a favour go buy an album by The Mahavishnu Orchestra called "Birds of Fire" and "Apocalypse"...listen to them!...then sweep all your Malmsteen and Satriani cds (if you have them in your collection) and dump em in the shitter! :P


Oh and he's been very active the past 5 years or so...He has a new album out 2012 with his band The 4th Dimension... and I've seen him perform on some jazz fest this year on some HD channel...

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