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Like Father like Son Led Zeppelin fans for life.


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I have been listening and in to led Zeppelin since the early 70s when I heard them on the school bus radio and at the youth center I hung out at as a kid. Hearing Dazed and Confused,Whole Lotta Love,Black Dog and Rock and Roll to name a few blaring from the jukebox. Thats how and when I instantly became a fan at the age of 14 and have been ever since and still can,t get enough. Fast forward to 1992 when my son is born wasn't long before his little ears heard the mighty Led Zeppelin.As he got older I played Led Zep in the house and car at cookouts etc. Well he started to like them and would get me Led Zeppelin T-Shirts and other merchandise for my birthday and Fathers Day. So I got him his first Led Zeppelin album Led Zeppelin I figured he could start at the beginning when he was 15. Now he is a diehard fan like his father of the greatest band of all time then,now and always. Just glad i could pass on the legacy and music of Led Zeppelin to my son.


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