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Serious Stairway Quest

Dee Dee

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With Valentine's Day coming this month, I have a serious Stairway question which I decided to post here instead of the trivia thread because I honestly don't know the answer and my intention is not challenge but rather to find an answer. I honestly don't know the answer. Please help if you can.

Question: What type of recorder was played by John Paul Jones on Stairway to Heaven? I supposed only JPJ would actually know this but if there are any musicians who may know, please help. Also, if there are any insiders in the JPJ camp who know, please help.

It is my understanding that the wind instrument played in the opening bars of Stairway to Heaven is a recorder. JPJ plays both parts; one of which is dubbed.

I understand that for anyone to know this beyond a shadow of a doubt, one would have had to have been there, and then know what type of recorder it was, and then be able to remember.

If anyone has access to John Paul Jones, please ask and post his answer here. Thank you. :air_kiss:

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My bad, I didn't know he played flute.

no bad, to me the question has always been,"why...did you have a bass recorder with you at Bron-Yr-Aur?" No power, no running water- I get that acoustic instruments and battery powered portable tape rec/play decks would be required. Sure. Who thinks while packing up your bag for a hop over to Snowdonia- "wait a second- I need to make sure I bring my three piece wooden bass recorder along on this trip. Can't leave home without it."

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