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Photographer Talks About His Time With Jimmy At Boleskine


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This is an article from my archive regarding a well known Scottish photographer who stayed with Jimmy at Boleskine. I have included one of Doug’s photos, which I am sure you will all be familiar with.


50 years of Scottish history through the lens

Barry Didcock

Senior features writer

Sunday 2 September 2012

For nearly 50 years Douglas Corrance has been photographing the people and places of Scotland, capturing historical events that still resonate today as well as solitary moments that would have gone unrecorded had he not been present with his camera

Titled Scotland: Five Decades Of Photographs, it is published on September 13 (Lomond Books, £25) and also features portraits of influential Scots such as Richard Demarco, Billy Connolly, James Kelman, Ian Rankin and Richard Holloway, as well as Led Zeppelin guitarist Page, whom Mr Corrance got to know when the band was at the height of its powers in the mid-1970s.

"I did get quite friendly with him," Mr Corrance recalled. "I remember one time there was nobody at his house and somebody had left his Bentley there so I had to take him out there in my beaten-up Renault, and buy some bread and beans to cook him beans on toast when we got there.

"But he was a lovely guy and we had some good times. I photographed some of their concerts and got a little insight into the rock and roll life as well."


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Thank you for posting.

Further to my opening post, I have managed to get a look at the book. The only photo of Jimmy at Boleskine is the one posted above - it covers pages 62 and 63. Doug's comments on page 62 are as follows-

"Led Zeppelin had reached world domination in rock music when I photographed Jimmy Page, who was remarkablly down to earth, and a very pleasant guy to be around. This picture was taken in the early 1970's in front of Boleskine House on the banks of Loch Ness, which was the former home of the mystic Aleister Crowley. Jimmy had recently bought the house and had started a campaign to prevent pylons scarring the landscape of Loch Ness. He was instrumental in getting the support of the local community and was successful in his protest."

Doug then mentions that Jimmy chose the above photograph to be featured over two pages in his 2010 photobook.

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