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By going to the site Yes.com, you can find out what Zeppelin songs are playing on radio stations across the U.S.

Tonight, for example, I discovered that a radio station in Wisconsin, WAPL 105.7 was airing the songs Zep played at the O2. They mirrored the songs played with official releases, ie they played D&C and STH (so far) from TSRTS. And, APL streams on the internet... so I tuned in to jam with everyone else listening on the internet (and in Wisconsin too!!)

You can also look all songs that an individual station has played in the last 24 hours, by entering in the Call Letters, ie WAPL, and looking at the songs logged in the "Chat" area.

But, to see all of the Led Zeppelin songs being played on all stations at the present time, you need to enter "Led Zeppelin" in the "Search For Channels" Field.

If a station is cool enough to play deep Led Zeppelin tracks, then they're worth looking in to !!!

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