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Black Sabbath Space Caravan

Sagittarius Rising

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Just started playing this song at our most recent gig in San DIego and the crowd really loved it. This has got to be one of the greatest chord progressions in history yet very underrated. The progression itself is very simple and is repeated throughout the song with accenting noted over the chord. The solo is very jazzy which I like and though not difficult to play it is very difficult to pull off correctly with the combination of slides, pull-off's, and muted notes all in the same measure. One can pull off a close semblance which no one will really notice but the pride one takes in really doing it right makes it all worth it. It is really a musicians tune, the band gets into a nice, mellow grove and allows the guitarist space.

A great end of the set tune...until we launch into Space Station #5 as the set closer!!! We segue one into the other and it really makes quite an impact! Mellow em out and then blast em off!!!

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