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Bonzo's Classic Signature Zep Tunes.


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That is a good list, but I would have to say that John Bonham's most signature song is, of course, Moby Dick. (Which you failed to list).

After Moby Dick, I would say:

Good Times, Bad Times/How Many More Times

Whole Lotta Love/Bring It On Home (especially live)

Since I've Been Loving You/Out on the Tiles

Four Sticks/When the Levee Breaks

The Song Remains the Same/Over the Hills and Far Away/the Ocean

The Rover/In My Time of Dying/Trampled Underfoot/Kashmir/In the Light/The Wanton Song

Achilles Last Stand/Royal Orleans/Hots On For Nowhere

South Bound Saurez/Fool in the Rain

Were Gonna Groove/Poor Tom/Walter's Walk/Ozone Baby/Darlene/Bonzo's Montreux/Wearing and Tearing...

...I know that I am leaving a lot out but these are the Signature Bonzo songs that I can think of right off the top of my head.

Edited to add: Stairway to Heaven. Jimmy Page purposely kept Bonzo out of the beginnings of this song and brought John Henry in halfway through this song to give Stairway to Heaven the added Boost and Speed that only Bonzo could apply.

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Yes I missed Moby Dick. I want to do the same thing with Plant/Page/JPJ at sometime. To me these are signiture tunes that can't be dynamic without Bonzo. Without out anyone of them actually. Yet Bonzo put his stamp on it.

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The reason I choose these songs is that if you did not have Bonzo's imput. The songs would not be as good. Even Robert Plant said that without Bonzo. The band would have sounded lousy.

If we think about it. Bonzo is more on par with Hendrix as being a master on his instument than Page is.

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