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I had a dream last night about Jimmy!


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I will give you 200 if you answer me right now and i don't have to wait.

Well,I was sexually abused when I was little about 5 years old.Does that answer yur question.

I am not having sex right now.I don't have a boyfriend or anyone that I am in love with right now at the moment.

What does my lust for Jimmy has anything to do with falling in love with him?

Thanks alot,man hugs and kisses too!

Oh ya about my sexual health sometimes I can't get what I want.I am not a negative person.I have difficulty in getting what I want and me needs met sometimes especially a big rock star like Jimmy.

oh well,ill get over it.

I was always in love with him though since i was little this has nothing to do with right now.Yes you make alot of sense thanks again.

i am glad to be a part of the led Zeppelin message board though and fortunate.

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Don't worry Lynne, I know how it feels to be taken advantage like that

:console: :console: :console: :console:

My heart goes out to you

But I am no dream expert, sorry.

Thank you deadblack.I was reading your post on the Ramble on thread.

read it!

It's okay.i don't expect nothing.

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Well lynn a correct diagnosis take time and can`t be spit out like watermelon seeds.

I can write you a prescription in the mean time. I am allowed to practice medicine in several African nations.

It is unfortunate you where abused but that is not where I excel.

I recommend couseling if needed but you seem to be a well adjusted adult in the genital stage.

Now to lust and love. Both are intertwined and not mutally exculsive.

Forget that Dr. Phil crap.

First comes love

Then comes marriage

Then comes Jimmy with a baby carriage.

As far as you needing a BIG rock star, might I suggest you lower your standands a little. Then you will get what you what. If you can overlook the average IQ and fatulence of an Average Joe, then sexual healing can occur.

Hell I want a big star like Gwen Stefani. Now that girl gives me wood!

But I have realized I am just a poor psychoanalyst/dream catcher who works for chump change.

lol,your funny.Go to one of her concerts and try to meet her.that's all i can do.

Now pass the nitrous.

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I certainly hope I have at least helped.

A positve recommendation to the Cameroon Board Of Psychiatric Care would be appreciated.

In the mean time please feel free to ask about any dream interpretation or repressed sexual bevahior.

Siggy Freud-dust is always in and the couch open!


Thanks again.

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