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LZ ii vinyl oddity..

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Hi Folks,

I recently acquired a record collection and amongst them was a rather odd copy of LZii - I was hoping one of you knowledgeable people here might be able to shed some light on the matter so here goes, and if I've done this right there are pics too.. 

There are hand-etched runouts as follows:


Side one: ST.A-691671-Q    re.    A.T.    aB.    W

Side two: ST.A-691672-R.   re.    A.T.    aB.    W

The "e" in "re" looks a bit more like a small sideways-on "m", but there are those that write the letter "e" that way so that may be irrelevant. 

The MX number on the label I believe might be Australian(?) but I've not seen a copy with simply Atlantic Recording Corporation on the base of the label instead of the usual stuff. It has a single sleeve and came in a poly inner. There is no MX number on the sleeve. Also (the elephant in the room...) White label with no promo indications? Please excuse my ignorance but is that common? It has a couple of pressing marks affecting the middle of side one track one, so maybe it got made and thrown or something I really don't know!


So there we are, it may be nothing much in particular, it could be a knock-off, or it could be helping to fund my next tour, so I thought I'd find some experts here who may be able to help !


Thank you if you can, thank you anyway if you can't ☺






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Hi Sixpense

No, it isn't a Canadian print, there would be no MX number on the label. I have looked it up on many different sites before coming here including discogs and there is no record of this disc. The webmaster of this site agrees with me and that's why he recommended that I join the forum and ask here. 

My research indicates that this is a very early promo for the Australian re-issue, but that it was made in the US, hence the hand-etched matrixes. Because it has pressing marks that affect side one track one I believe it was made and then thrown out. 

What I'd really like to know is why it has simply "Atlantic Recording Corporation" at six o'clock on the label instead of the usual stuff. There is no other label like it that I can find. Even the original 1969 promos have the Broadway address on the label. 

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E.t.a.. Unless it was made in Canada and then given a different label, which I have to doubt because of the difference in the actual disc, specifically the ridge near the edge of the label. It's just a mystery that I'm trying to get to the bottom of, I appreciate your time tho, thanks. 

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