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Question about Jimmy Page's album Outrider


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there is no edit button.

I went to the local pizza place I go to sometimes they have a great jukebox.This is on Hollywood,Blvd. in los Angeles called Stefano's,

they have his album on it and i am going to play the whole thing when i go there next time!!

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I played a couple of songs on there last night and it rocks!!

Last night i went out and this guy I see him every now and then he is a truck driver and he makes alot of money.so we played a bunch of led Zeppelin songs including Stairway to heaven,ect.

They have Robert Plant,Manic Nirvana and the last three new albums I am going to play them.

i never heard of them and i want to know what the songs sounds like.

we partied there at that pizza place and played a bunch of led Zeppelin songs.

We had fun.

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